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Large goods vehicles

Large goods vehicle movements

The County Council needs to strike a balance between the economic benefits of freight vehicles, often referred to as HGVs (heavy goods vehicles) and their impact on the environment. As a transport authority, Surrey County Council has some limited powers to regulate HGV movements, but also has a role to manage freight through information and voluntary agreements.

Freight Transport Initiatives

The Transport Select Committee most recently debated and approved a Freight Transport Initiatives report in June 2008. This contained new proposals for dealing with the environmental and social nuisance caused by HGVs. The report covered a variety of topics and contained background information on information related to freight.

Freight report topics

  • A revised lorry routeing network
  • Action to tackle satnav problems
  • HGV reporting
  • A dedicated freight officer within Transport for Surrey

Freight report background information

See below for further information including advice about licensing and routes and restrictions for large goods vehicles.