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Application for temporary bus stop suspension

An application is required for bus stops to be suspended to allow for works to be undertaken by utility companies and private developers.

What are the charges for?

A charge is set by Surrey County Council to help administer the stop suspension (a charge is already levied by London Buses for the suspension of their stops in Surrey).

What is the charge?

A bus stop suspension is charged at £120 per day, per stop, up to a maximum of £240 for two days or more. Please note, a charge will still be made for failure to carry out the works within the agreed period unless adequate notice is given to the Local Bus Team direct.

Provision of temporary bus stops

There is not normally a charge for this, although we reserve the right to recover the cost of replacing temporary bus stop furniture as a result of theft up to £50 per stop.

Please do not send any money with the application form, we will invoice you at the end of the process.

How do you apply?

Where possible, applications should be made at least one week in advance. Please complete the attached application form and email it to all of the recipients listed on the form along with your purchase order.  

Alternatively, please post hard copies to: Surrey County Council, Local Bus Team, Room 365, County Hall, Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2DY.

Files available to download