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Reviews process for part-night lighting

We are currently experiencing a high volume of review applications. Applications are currently taking up to 9 weeks to be processed.

From 1 December 2016, Surrey County Council has implemented a part-night lighting policy which will see street lights in many residential areas switched off between midnight and 5am each night. There are some exceptions to this, such as locations where public transport continues beyond midnight – here, lights will either switch off later in the morning or be left on.

Other factors are being identified such as the presence of speed calming measures, formal pedestrian crossings or locations where having the lights switched off could have an adverse effect on either crime or road safety. In such cases the lights near to the area of concern (or if appropriate the entire road) will not be switched off.

Whilst there is significant precedent in the UK for part-night lighting, not all residents will be in favour of having lights switched off.  Equally, there are likely to be locations where some residents would like lights switched off that are intended to be left on.

Although there are residents not in favour of switching lights off in a particular road, there are also many who support the introduction of part-night lighting (which is evidenced not only through the consultation responses but also the anecdotal responses to comments sections of press articles and social media reports on its introduction). It is important, therefore, that any decision to amend or review part-night lighting in any given road takes into account the views of all households in a given location.

The below process has been designed to enable a resident (or groups thereof) to request a review of the decision.

Requests for changes

To request a review of the decision, please complete the review request form which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, and return it to us either via email or post.

Residents making an application to review a decision on part-night lighting will be asked to gain support from other householders providing verifiable information. A majority of households will be required to support the review of the decision – however this in itself will not mean the decision will be reversed. As the decision has been made based on the Avoidance Criteria, any review will take into account the additional information provided against the published policy.

In the vast majority of cases, the Council is unlikely to overturn the decision for a specific road unless new information is presented.  For example:

  • Something that was not identified during the site visit and risk assessment process.
  • A change – an increase in crime or road safety that might be reduced if street lighting was reintroduced between midnight and 5am.
  • A high proportion of households whose occupants are likely to be leaving or returning to their home (or place of work) during the times when street lights are switched off.

Files available to download