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Part-night street lighting

Finalised lists for phase 4 have now been published. More information is available on the part-night lighting timetable page.

The Council's Cabinet approved the decision to implement part-night lighting across Surrey at its meeting on 18 October.  The full report, including the reasons for implementing this, can be found on our part-night street lighting report (PDF).

As part of its analysis, the Council conducted a public consultation which received 850 responses with over 75% of respondents in favour of switching off some lights. More on the outcome of the consultation.

You can also find out more information to frequently asked questions on our consultation Q&A page.

Lights in selected roads will begin to be switched off between midnight and 5am from December 2016 and will be rolled out over the next few months.

A list of roads for each District or Borough to be included in the part-night lighting programme will be published approximately one month before it begins in that area. More information about the timetable can be found on the part-night lighting timetable page.

The Council recognises that some residents may wish to request a review of the decision to include (or exclude) some street lights in the part-night lighting programme. We have therefore developed a process to enable residents to request a review of the part-night lighting in their street. More information can be found on our review process webpage.

Safety measures

Residential roads are being assessed by the Council’s Engineers to ensure they are suitable for part-night lighting and are also being reviewed by the Council’s Road Safety Team, and Surrey Police.

The Council have developed a set of 'avoidance criteria' and if one or more of these are present in any given road, the lights will not be switched off (in the case of traffic calming and formal pedestrian crossings, some lights may be turned off with those closest to them being left on). Lights on roads which are considered to be traffic routes will not be switched off.

  • Traffic Routes – this will predominantly be A, B and C classified roads, however some lower trafficked roads in this group may be included and equally some higher trafficked unclassified roads may be excluded by this criteria.
  • Town centres where this is a night time economy.
  • Where traffic calming measures (speed cushions or humps, chicanes etc) or formal pedestrian crossings such as zebra crossings are present and they require illumination.
  • Locations where Council or Police CCTV is in operation to reduce crime.
  • Locations where the Council’s Road Safety Team or Surrey Police believe that implementing part-night lighting could have an adverse effect on either crime or road safety.
  • In cases where buses or trains run beyond the proposed switch off time, roads will be assessed and may either be excluded from part-night lighting or have a later switch off time.


The Council held a public consultation which ran from 5 August 2016 until 2 September 2016 and has now closed.

In the consultation, some background information was provided together with sources of further information. Consultations posters were displayed in all 58 libraries in Surrey, and information was put up on the website as well as social media and the Surrey Says website. We also consulted groups such as the Highways Customer Panel.

Respondents were asked if they were in favour of the Council switching off street lights for part of the night where deemed safe to do so in order to reduce energy bills and reduce CO2emissions, and given the options of 'Many', 'Some' or 'None'.

Respondents were also offered the opportunity to provide additional information for the Council to consider. Nearly half of all respondents were in favour of switching off many lights and overall 76% were in favour of switching off at least some lights.