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A320 Guildford Road, Chertsey - Affinity Water works

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Affinity Water

Location: A320 Guildford Road and Brox Road, Chertsey

Duration: 18 April to Autumn 2017

Reason for works

Following on from the recent replacement to sections of large water mains pipes, Affinity Water will be conducting further works to refurbish two existing water mains pipes situated within the A320 by inserting new lengths of pipe inside the old pipes.

Traffic management

  • 18 April to 30 July 2017: Two-way temporary traffic signals Guildford Road at the junction with Brox Road to Murray Road.
  • 18 April to 30 April 2017: Road closure on Brox Road junction with Guildford Road.
  • 31 July to 18 August 2017: Multi-way temporary traffic signals on Guildford Road / Murray Road roundabout.
  • 21 August to 30 August 2017: Three-way temporary traffic signals on Guildford Road at the junction with Brox Road.

Please contact Affinity Water if you have any enquiries about these works.

Map showing Affinity water works on 1320 Guildford road