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Outwood Lane, Chipstead drainage works

Latest news

The completion date for Outwood Lane has been extended to Friday 2 February.

This is due to several issues. The main reason being that we have had to hand dig most of the work as there is such a large amount of utilities pipes and wires in the road and pavement. This has caused a knock on effect and we have had to change the programme which means that the works will be delayed.

During Christmas the road will be cleared and all traffic management will be removed.

The works will stop on 20 December until 2 January 2018.

Work updates

18 - 23 November Closure

The second closure of Outwood Lane was lifted two days ahead of schedule.

The area of works on Outwood Lane, Chipstead due to drainage works from 18 – 26 November.

10 November 2017

Outwood Lane is back open following our recent closure.

Our drainage work continues under three way lights. The traffic lights are being manually controlled, this is to ease congestion at peak times and to allow traffic to flow better.

8 November 2017

Outwood Lane was closed under an emergency closure on 9 November for up to 2 days. This was due to a specialist team becoming available to fix the local flooding issue. We were installing a new gully to prevent the local properties from flooding.

21 - 29 October Closure

We had to install a concrete barrier across the no entry end of Stagbury Avenue. This was in response to dangerous driving, removal of our safety barriers and safety concerns for residents, our workers and members of the public. Access will be allowed to residents of Stagbury Avenue from Outwood Lane whilst our gatemen are on site.

Photos of the work during the closure 21 - 29 October

11 October 2017

The traffic lights are being manually controlled, this is to ease congestion at peak times and to allow traffic to flow better.

Traffic lights are in place as we have closed the pavement for our works. There is no pavement on the other side of the road. We have had to create a safe route for pedestrians in the road.

We have put up signs to ask drivers not to block the roundabout at Holly Lane.

We have an engineer on site and are looking at what action we can take to ease congestion.

The lagoon once completed will be fenced off for safety reasons. The lagoon will be 4.5m deep and the sides will be tiered.

Progress pictures of the site 11 October

Your questions about the works

Why are the works being done at the same time as the A217 works?

Outwood Lane has suffered from severe flooding in recent years and we need to complete these works before the weather worsens. We have the budget to carry out these works and if it is not carried out within this financial year it may not be available next year. The work on the A217 Brighton Road is essential water supply work. Unfortunately, the urgency of both these works means carrying them out at the same time.

Why is this work essential?

  • Outwood Lane needs improved drainage to mitigate flooding of property and the highway.
  • SES water have been installing a new mains pipe which is required to improve their supply to the area

More information can be found at:

What effect will there be on Lackford Road, Station Approach and Stagbury Avenue?

There will be some disruption to the amount of usual traffic along these roads during the works which is unavoidable. Our traffic management and signage will keep this to a minimum, however we will monitor the roads and make any alterations as and when necessary. If we need to change our traffic management we will consider all options; safety is our number one priority.

We intend to put up signs explaining that these are access only roads where necessary. We will also use ‘Access for Station, local shops and residents only’ signs as needed.

Will the road be closed for the entire time?

No. We will be doing most of the work under two and three way lights. However, there will be times when we do need to close the road. We will keep the closures to a minimum duration and update the website with dates and information.

Can I get to my house or business?

There will be a signed diversion in place whilst we carry out these works. We will be working in sections and will allow access to properties when it is safe to do so. We will be unable to provide access for vehicles and equestrians when the road is closed.

Scheme overview

Outwood Lane has suffered flooding on a regular basis for a number of years affecting both the highway and properties. The flooding causes traffic to cross the centre line of the road to pass through safely and the footways are rendered impassable for pedestrians.

The flooding is primarily caused as the road is at the base of a valley. There is insufficient local drainage which is unable to deal with surface run off in the area. This leads to excessive quantities of water on the surface of the road.

Works are planned to deal with the flooding. A lagoon will be constructed at the junction of Holly Lane and Outwood Lane and current drainage systems will be piped to the lagoon.

The lagoon will act as a holding tank but also a soakaway, allowing the run off to soak away into the ground. An area of the lagoon will have an impermeable liner which will hold some water, creating a small wetland and improving scope for increased biodiversity.

The piping works will take a long time to carry out due to other services such as gas pipes, water and electricity being so close to the work. Excavations will need to be undertaken manually.

During these works there will be temporary traffic lights along Outwood Lane.

The lagoon works are off carriageway and will have no real impact on road users.

The illustration below shows the proposed lagoon superimposed on the existing site.

Schedule of works

  • The works are scheduled to start on Monday 9 October 2017.
  • 21 - 29 October closure of Outwood Lane from the south of Holly Lane.
  • 18 - 26 November closure of Outwood Lane from the North side of Holly Lane. Access maintained for the station and Station Approach via traffic lights.
  • We will be using two way, three way lights and road closures during these works, we will update signs accordingly.

Where and when will the work take place?

The works will take place at the junction on Outwood Lane with Lower Park Road. Access to the shops and the railway station will be affected as the main access will be closed.

These works will cause disruption to road users but, we will be working under temporary lights as much as possible. When a full road closure is required a diversion route will be in place.

The works will occasionally require a closure of the road to enable them to take place safely. We appreciate that Outwood Lane is an important route through the county and alternate routes are not readily available.

Contact details

We will regularly this update this webpage with the latest information on this scheme. We will also keep up-to-date. Should you have any questions, please contact us on 0300 200 1003.

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