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A22 Eastbourne Road drainage and road repairs

A22 Eastbourne Road

Drainage improvement work and retaining wall installation

Scheme overview

A22 flooded road

Surrey County Council will be carrying out drainage improvement work on the A22 Eastbourne Road, North of South Godstone. This location is subject to regular flooding for quite some time and is often deep and dangerous to road users. The flooding often extends across both lanes and vehicles cross the centre lines to avoid the deepest areas, at a point with poor sightlines on a bend.

The reason for the flooding is due to a blocked culvert. This in turn is caused by damaged services leading to the culvert. Unfortunately we will not be able to remove the blockage without excavating the carriageway. This is due to the location and nature of the blockage.

During these works, we will replace the existing culvert by excavating the carriageway and installing new pipes in the road. There will be new headwalls at each end of the pipe and a debris grill (trash screen) fitted on the upstream side to prevent large objects entering the pipework and causing further blockages.

We will also be addressing an issue where the road is collapsing down the bank – this has not however been caused by the flooding.

Following inspection of the road, it has been found that the footway is cracking and deformed. There is already a retaining wall but this has proved inadequate and has failed.

The road needs to be restrained as it is subsiding and the intention is to build a new retaining structure to provide this support.

This work is vital to ensure the road does not suffer further damage and subsidence.

Due to the nature of these works, the road will need to be closed to all traffic, including vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, in both directions. A signed diversion route will be in place. You can view the full diversion route here.

Location and dates of work

The works will take place approximately 50 metres north of the entrance to Wonham Place.

These works will cause disruption to road users and a full road closure and diversion route will be in place.

The nature of the works require a closure of the road to enable them to take place safely. The width of the road and nature of the traffic do not allow the use of traffic signals.

The road is to be closed to all traffic including pedestrians, equestrians and cyclists. The road closure will be in force at all times due to the deep excavation of the carriageway.

We appreciate that the A22 is an important route through the County and alternate routes are not readily available.

Work has been planned to take place at the beginning of the school summer holidays. This is the most appropriate time to carry out the works as traffic flows are known to be reduced.

Overgrown trees and vegetation have already been removed. This work took place earlier in the year to avoid the nesting season.

Construction works will  start on 24 July 2017. The works will last approximately 6-8 weeks under a road closure. The road closure will commence from 6am on 24 July.

Updates on progress

  • Tree clearance: March 2017 - complete
  • Scheme start date: 24 July 2017. The road closure will commence at 6am.
  • Approximate completion date: 18 September 2017.

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Frequently asked questions

How long will the road be closed?

We expect the road to be closed for approximately 6-8 weeks whilst we carry out these works. The road closure will be in place 24 hours a day.

Can I get to my house or business?

There will be a signed diversion in place whilst we carry out these works. Because we will be excavating the road surface, it will not be safe to allow access. We will be unable to provide access for vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and equestrian. The diversion route can be downloaded at the bottom of this webpage.

Why can you not use temporary traffic lights?

This is something we have considered, however this is not an option as the whole of the road will be excavated and there is insufficient space to maintain safe working widths and traffic running lanes. We also took into consideration the position of the works. These works will be taking place on a bend and on a section of the road where there is not enough width. Temporary traffic lights would not provide enough safety for our staff whilst working. We would also not have enough room to safely store equipment and machinery.

Why can the work not be carried out at night?

We are unable to work nights at this location due to safety concerns. The works we will be carrying out require us to dig a hole in the middle of the road. This means that there will also be a risk of coming across live electricity cables and gas mains. Working in daylight hours provides a clearer view for the staff working on site.

Will my business be affected?

Access to your business will be maintained at all times. There are no businesses located within the actual road closure. Your customers and deliveries will still be able to reach your business by following the signed diversion route. 'Business as usual' signs have been placed at either end of the closure.

Will my bins still be emptied?

Waste collections will not be affected. We will maintain access to Wonham Place at all times but this will be from the south only. The refuse vehicles will be able to access all the properties from the south, access from the north through our works is not possible as this is where the road surface is being dug up.

What if I live or need to visit Wonham Place?

We will maintain access to Wonham Place at all times but this will be from the south only. Vehicles will be able to access all the properties from the south, access from the north through our works is not possible as this is where the road surface is being dug up.

Is there a separate diversion route for HGVs?

For vehicles with a height of over 15'9", you will need to follow a slightly altered diversion route. If travelling northbound on the A23 Brighton Road, you will need to exit along A2044 Woodhatch Road then turn right onto A217 Cockshott Hill, continue on to Bell Street, turn right onto Church Street, then turn right onto Castlefield Street and continue along A25 Reigate Road towards Hatchlands Road. Go across the roundabout onto Station Road and then turn left back on the A23 London Road.

The reverse route also applies.

A sign will be in place at either end of this diversion to warn larger vehicles.

You can view the full diversion route here.

Why is the diversion route so long?

We are required to provide a diversion route which is suitable for the same type of traffic that would usually use the A22. For example, mopeds and scooters cannot be diverted onto the M25 because these types of vehicles are prohibited from using motorways. Vehicles will therefore be directed along the much larger 'A' roads which are more suited to large volumes of traffic compared to smaller 'D' roads (residential roads). Please allow extra time for your journeys to avoid delays.

Contact details

We will regularly this update this webpage with the latest information. Should you have any questions, please contact us on 0300 200 1003.

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