Surrey Transport Plan Vision and objectives

This section explains the rationale behind the chosen vision and objectives, which are as follows:

Vision: To help people to meet their transport and travel needs effectively, reliably, safely and sustainably within Surrey; in order to promote economic vibrancy, protect and enhance the environment and improve the quality of life.


  • Effective transport: To facilitate end-to-end journeys for residents, business and visitors by maintaining the road network, delivering public transport services and, where appropriate, providing enhancements.
  • Reliable transport: To improve the journey time reliability of travel in Surrey.
  • Safe transport: To improve road safety and the security of the travelling public in Surrey.
  • Sustainable transport: To provide an integrated transport system that protects the environment, keeps people healthy and provides for lower carbon transport choices.

The Vision and Objectives section was updated in 2016 to take account of the latest Surrey County Council Corporate Strategy.