Surrey Transport Plan Environmental and equality assessments

The development of the third Surrey Transport Plan in 2011 was informed by a number of different forms of assessment, in line with the requirements of European and domestic legislation, and Government guidance to transport authorities.

A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was undertaken in 2011 when the Local Transport Plan was adopted. It comprised a SEA Scoping Report, an Environmental Report and a SEA Post Adoption Environmental Statement. These documents are available on request by getting in touch with county council's contact centre.

The Scoping Report was prepared to enable consultation with stakeholders on the scope of the SEA work, and to outline the framework for the SEA and its relationship to the other forms of assessment required for the Surrey Transport Plan.

The Environmental Report examined the implications of the different strategies and measures proposed for inclusion in the Plan for a range of environmental criteria. The SEA Post Adoption Environmental Statement set out the way in which environmental considerations were taken into account in the decision making process for the adopted Plan.

We are also required to assess how the Surrey Transport Plan impacts on different groups of people, a process known as equalities impact assessment (EqIA). An EqIA was carried out for each strategy within the Plan and they are available on request by getting in touch with the county council's contact centre.