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Local Transport Strategies and Forward Programmes

The county council is producing Local Transport Strategies and Forward Programmes for each district and borough in the county. The purpose of these strategies is to support the growth set out within district and borough local plans and provide a programme of transport infrastructure required to deliver this growth. They also provide an evidence base for future funding bids.

The strategies are 'live documents' which we intend to update at regular intervals to ensure they remain relevant and current. They have been approved by Surrey's Cabinet and are part of the Surrey Transport Plan. Current, approved strategies are available to view at the bottom of this page.

What is in a Local Transport Strategy?

Local Transport Strategies contain two main elements.

The main documents provide commentaries on the transport provision and transport problems in each district or borough. They also provide possible solutions to the identified problems.

The annex or appendices to each strategy contains a forward programme of transport infrastructure that we would like to see implemented in each district or borough, subject to funding. The forward programme would seek to address the problems identified in the main document of the strategy and mitigate the impact of future growth on the transport network.

You can view each of the Local Transport Strategies and Forward Programmes that have been developed to date in the 'Files available to download' section, below.

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Files available to download