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Surrey Transport Plan Consultations on the Plan

This is the consultation webpage for the Surrey Transport Plan.

The county council is continuing to develop and update strategies and their associated programmes of the modular, web-based Surrey Transport Plan. Consultation and participation continues to inform the revision of strategies as these are brought forward.

Electric Vehicle Strategy and Low Emissions Transport Strategy

Surrey County Council supports the Government's long term vision for walking and cycling to be the natural choice for shorter journeys, for an improved customer experience of public transport and for nearly every car and van on UK roads to be zero-emission by 2050. At a local level, this will have health benefits – improving the quality of the air we breathe in Surrey. On a wider level this will reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Surrey County Council has drafted two new additions to the Surrey Transport Plan, these are the Low Emissions Transport Strategy and the Electric Vehicle Strategy. They will enable us to work with borough and district councils, businesses and communities to take advantage of electric vehicle technology and other opportunities to reduce emissions from transport.

Public consultation now closed

The public consultation on these two strategies has now finished but you can still read these two strategies in their June 2018 draft format via the links below:

Note: The Low Emissions Transport Strategy will update and replace Surrey County Council's current Air Quality and Climate Change strategies.

We would like to thank those who took part in the public consultation. The feedback received has now been analysed and is summarised in the consultation reports available at the bottom of this page. We have amended the strategies based on this feedback and the revised versions will be considered by the Surrey County Council Cabinet for approval at the end of November 2018.

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