Woodbridge Road transport improvements

In July and August 2020 we put forward proposals to implement a number of highway improvement schemes along Woodbridge Road, and Onslow Street, Guildford, including:

  • An extension of the existing bus lane under the railway bridge to improve bus journeys.
  • Changes to the operational times and days of the bus lane along the whole length of Woodbridge Road and Onslow Street - it is proposed to operate all day every day.
  • Changes to the classes of vehicles that can use the bus lane - primarily, HGVs will be excluded.
  • A proposed toucan crossing on Woodbridge Road near the junction of Wharf Road to help cyclists and pedestrian cross, this will close the gap in central reserve opposite Wharf Road.
  • A new cycle route called the Guildford College Link+ is proposed between Bedford Wharf and Guildford College. This will cross Woodbridge Road at the toucan crossing mentioned above.
  • Some changes to parking and waiting restrictions at various places along the road are also proposed, to enable the introduction of the proposals described above.

The statement of reasons document available at the bottom of this page explains all of the changes proposed and the reasons for them.

Outcomes of consultations

The proposals for extension of bus lane with changes to the bus lane operational hours and classes of vehicles permitted to use the bus lane, with related alterations to parking controls have been approved. You can view the decision details online.

The new toucan crossing with related alterations to parking controls and the central reservation have also been approved. The principle reasons for approval were:

  • demand for a crossing at this location
  • the crossing supports development of an improved town-wide cycle network
  • impact upon traffic flow and parking were considered during the design process

The decision regarding the Cycle Track Order on Footpath 45 is being referred to the Secretary of State for Transport.

Files available to download