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Walliswood village proposed speed limit reduction

Proposal to reduce speed limit on various roads in Walliswood

We are consulting about our proposal to reduce the speed limit to 30mph on Walliswood Green Road, Froggetts Lane and Oakfields in the village of Walliswood to improve road safety. Please send us your comments.

This proposal is in response to concerns raised by residents and local County Councillor regarding vehicle speeds and the safety of these roads.

Funding has now been identified for the reduction in speed limit on these roads and the plan attached to this page shows the extent of the proposed new 30mph speed limits.

Should you have any comments regarding these proposed works, please send them to the following address or email by 14 February.

Surrey County Council Highways
Hazel House,
Merrow Depot,
Merrow Lane,

Subject to the outcome of this consultation, it is planned to install the new 30mph limit before the end of March 2020.

Files available to download