Proposal to install an informal pedestrian crossing - Rectory Lane, Bookham

Surrey County Council is proposing to install an informal pedestrian crossing on Rectory Lane, Bookham at the entrance to the footpath to the south of the vehicle entrance to Gracewell, as shown on the enclosed plan. These works will extend the pavement into the road slightly so that the road is narrowed, helping to reduce vehicle speeds and ensuring that pedestrians have a narrower section of road to cross.

The extended pavement will have bollards around its edge to ensure that it is clearly visible to drivers. There will also be advanced warning signs and SLOW markings installed on Rectory Lane to warn drivers that the road will narrow ahead.

These works are proposed following concerns raised, regarding the safety of crossing Rectory Lane, by trustees and families of those supported by The Grange Centre as well as parents of children who attend the local schools.

If you have any comments to make regarding these proposals, please direct them to the address below or email by 5th January 2021.

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