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Masons Bridge Road, Redhill kerb build out proposal

Proposed installation of kerb build out

Surrey County Council are proposing to provide traffic calming in the form of a kerb build out with priority give way arrangement on Masons Bridge Road. The build out will be located just South of 74 Masons Bridge Road. The scheme is a follow up to the speed limit reduction on Masons Bridge Road in 2017 when the 30mph speed limit was extended to south east of Kings Cross Lane.

A kerb build out and priority give way arrangement requires drivers on one carriageway of the road to stop and give way to drivers coming in the opposite direction. The proposal is for one build out on the northbound carriageway to slow traffic travelling towards East Surrey Hospital.

We are proposing to begin construction between late January and March 2020.

Should you have any comments regarding these proposed works, please send them to the address below or email by 6 December 2019.

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