Godalming Station pedestrian accessibility improvements


Surrey County Council has been successful with a bid to the South Western Railway's (SWR) Customers and Communities Improvement Fund to make it easier to walk to and from Godalming Station. We have worked closely with colleagues within the County Council, local members and SWR to draw up plans for these important improvements. We would now like to hear your thoughts.

Current situation

As you may know currently pedestrians walking to and from Godalming Station along Mill Lane, Station Approach and Station Road have to use narrow pavements, with few formal or informal crossing points to access the station pedestrian area. Pedestrians also have to negotiate around two-way traffic that is itself negotiating through these narrow roads in places.


The proposed scheme will offer improved accessibility to and from Godalming Station, which we believe will provide considerable benefit to local residents and users of the station. We are also making improvements to the closest bus stops on Station Road which will also encourage greater use of public transport and improve bus and rail integration and promote the use of sustainable transport.

The proposed scheme aligns with Surrey County Council's new Surrey Local Transport Plan and our Climate Change Strategy which promotes and encourages the use of sustainable transport by residents, and by those visiting the county.

What we plan to do

This scheme seeks to address the issues that pedestrians face by providing a significant upgrade. The scheme proposes that:

  • The footway on the northern side of Mill Lane be widened to a minimum of 1.8 metres. At one point the pavement on Mill Lane only measures 0.7 metres. Widening the footway will allow parents with small children/buggies and electric scooter/wheelchair users to access the station using the pavement without having to walk in the road, which they are having to do at the present time.
  • Uncontrolled crossing points be installed to assist pedestrians, especially those who may have visual or physical impairments, to access Godalming Station without trip hazards such as full height kerbs and other obstacles. These will provide a more formalised area to cross the road which is of benefit to both pedestrians and drivers.
  • Add a more formalised dropping off point for cars on the road adjacent to Godalming Station which will enable any car passengers to access Godalming Station without having to cross Mill Lane.
  • Mill Lane and Station Approach to be made one way going clockwise from the junction with Mint Street, then north up Mill Lane, along Station Approach and south down to meet Station Road. At one pinch point in Mill Lane the total road width is only 3 metres leading to conflict between two-way vehicles approaching the narrow roadway at the same time. Two-way traffic will remain on Mill Lane, between Station Road and Mint Street, to enable access for vehicles from The Mint.

We want your feedback

We are seeking the views of those who use Godalming Station and the surrounding areas. We would like to hear your thoughts and views on what we are proposing. Please contact us by 23 September 2022 at godalming.accessibilityimprovements@surreycc.gov.uk to let us know your thoughts.

Frequently asked questions

Will my comments be listened to?

All comments will be read and fully considered.

When will a decision be made?

The opportunity to provide feedback closes on 23 September 2022. When this date has passed, any changes will be confirmed, and the construction design will be drawn up by the end of September. The scheme design will go through the Road Safety Audit process to assess for any safety issues.

When will the works take place?

It is anticipated that the construction phase of the works will start at the end of October or beginning of November 2022.

How long will the works take?

It is anticipated that the works will last for approximately six weeks, subject to weather conditions or other matters which are outside of the control of our contractor and sub-contractors.

Will there be any travel disruption during the works?

There will be minimal disruption to travel throughout the duration of the works. On occasions where footways are closed for works, alternative routes will be signed and barriered off for pedestrian safety.

Will the works affect me getting my train?

Access for pedestrians and vehicles to the station will be maintained at all times.

What improvements will there be for pedestrians?

The proposed scheme will increase the pavement width to a minimum of 1.8 metres. This is an improvement on the current pavement width which has some pinch points which are approximately 0.7 metres wide. This improvement allows pedestrians to safely use the pavement rather than walk in the carriageway, and also provides a suitable pavement width for those who use mobility scooters, shopping trolleys, child buggies or prams. The scheme will also provide a new footway along the north side of Station Approach, linking the station forecourt to footpaths which lead to the north and east of the town.

What improvements will there be for cyclists?

The main priority of the scheme is to improve pedestrian accessibility. However, by making Mill Lane/Station Approach a one-way road, the route to the station will be made safer for cyclists and reduce conflict with other road users.

What improvements will there be for bus passengers?

The bus stops on Station Road will be slightly relocated to provide accessible kerbing for passengers, offer step-free access onto/off the bus, and provide a bus stop clearway to ensure that buses can pull into the bus stop without obstruction. Real-time passenger information will be provided with a bus stop flag display.

What parking restrictions are there in the proposed scheme?

The parking restrictions are shown on the consultation plan design - please contact us if you would like a copy of this. They are shown as single yellow line restrictions, double yellow line restrictions and bus stop clearway cages.

What weight restrictions are there in the proposed scheme?

The existing weight restriction, which is currently signed, no longer applies to the bridge on Mill Lane. This was given a weight limit in a current Traffic Regulation Order approved in 1994. Subsequently, strengthening works undertaken in 1995 upgraded the bridge, and it has been strengthened to take limits up to and including 40 tonnes. Therefore, there are no weight restrictions in the proposed scheme.

Can buses now stop outside the station?

There are no plans, at the present time, to put in bus stops outside the station, but with weight restriction changes and changes to the direction of travel we could look to see if this is possible for buses to serve the station in the future.

Will there be any works at the station itself?

There will not be any changes to the station forecourt in this current phase of works but there will be some minor works on station land to tie in with our highway scheme. These works will be undertaken by South Western Railway and are anticipated to take place in early 2023.

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