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Eastgate, Banstead one-way road and parking bays proposal

Proposed installation of parking bays and one-way road

Surrey County Council received a request from your councillors to design a proposed scheme to use the widest part of the road within Eastgate to install parking bays. These parking bays will help to increase the space available for on-street parking by approximately five parking spaces. However installing these new bays will narrow the carriageway and it is therefore also proposed to make Eastgate one-way to improve safety and make it easier for drivers to use these bays.

We are also proposing to widen the existing road slightly by narrowing the pavement outside the shops in order to enable drivers to pull out of the new parking bays safely. The existing parking bays outside the shops and the disabled bay will be relocated slightly to match the new widened road.

The results of this consultation will be presented to the Reigate and Banstead Local Committee for a final decision.

Should you have any comments regarding these proposed works, please send them to the address below or email by Monday 25 November 2019.

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