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Claygate Lane, Hinchley Wood – Proposed road safety improvements consultation

What is this about?

Surrey County Council are consulting on options for improvements to the highway in the Claygate Lane/ Manor Road North area of Hinchley Wood. The results of this consultation will directly affect what works are carried out. Please read through the leaflet linked below, and send us your feedback via the Surrey Says survey.


Claygate Lane is a D-class residential road that has a 30mph speed limit and a series of traffic calming features. It provides a route between A309 Kingston By-Pass and A307 Portsmouth Road. Along with residential properties, the road is also fronted by large primary and secondary schools and a church.

The road suffers from congestion at certain times of the day, in particular at the beginning and end of the school day.

Residents' concerns and measures previously introduced

Local residents have expressed concerns about road safety and vehicle speeds for a number of years, including a petition to the Elmbridge Local Committee in December 2015.

Several measures have previously been introduced to try and address these concerns including the following:

  • A series of traffic calming features (road tables) have been installed along the length of Claygate Lane.
  • A school crossing patrol site established adjacent to the primary school entrance.
  • Pedestrian refuge islands were installed along Manor Road North to help aid pedestrian crossing.
  • Introduction of a 7.5 tonne environmental weight limit restriction along the length of Claygate Lane.
  • Introduction of parking restrictions.

Despite the implementation of the above measures, some residents remain concerned about problems of vulnerable road users (pedestrians/cyclists etc.) interacting with vehicles. Surrey County Council's Local Committee for Elmbridge therefore agreed that a study should be undertaken to assess the extent of the problems and consider further options for improving road safety. Options have been assessed and funding has been secured from Elmbridge Borough Council's Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) fund.

Why these measures?

Various alternative measures were considered for introduction. However, the options proposed have been assessed as the most appropriate for helping to improve pedestrian/cyclists provision when considering relevant factors (including the traffic survey data, personal injury collision record, the nature of the location and the available budget).


The proposed scheme is to be funded from Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). This is a planning charge collected in Elmbridge to help fund and deliver infrastructure to support the development across the borough. It is recognised that residents would like to see additional repairs to the roads in the immediate area, as well as across the county. CIL funding is specifically for infrastructure improvements and it is not possible to use to maintain the existing road network. Surrey County Council continues to seek additional funding to invest in road maintenance.

Have your say

We want to know what you think about the proposals. It is therefore important that you use the online questionnaire to send us your feedback by 14 September 2018. If you do not have access to the internet and require a paper copy of the questionnaire, please call 0300 200 1003. Completing the questionnaire will allow your views and those expressed by others to be carefully considered before a decision is made about which measures are introduced.

What happens next?

The views expressed during the consultation will be assessed, and a report presented to Elmbridge Local Committee. Based on the feedback from this consultation the committee will decide which options, if any, will be introduced.

The consultation webpage will be updated to inform the public of the outcome of the consultation and which options will be progressed. Information about timescales for construction of the agreed measures will also be included (at this stage it is anticipated this will be during the summer 2019).

Files available to download