Informal pedestrian crossing in Buxton Lane, Caterham consultation

We are proposing to provide an informal pedestrian crossing in Buxton Lane, Caterham next to the public footpath to Foxon Lane. This is in response to concerns raised by members of the public regarding the safety of crossing Buxton Road in order to get to the local schools.

An informal pedestrian crossing is a dropped kerb with tactile paving for the visually impaired. A formal pedestrian crossing is a zebra crossing, or a crossing with traffic lights where you push a button and wait for the green symbol before crossing the road.

The informal crossing will consist of a kerb build-out which will provide a wider area of pavement to make it easier for pedestrians to see any approaching vehicles before crossing the road. The wider pavement will also narrow the carriageway for a short distance. This will still allow two vehicles to pass each other but will mean that pedestrians will have a shorter section of road to cross. As part of the scheme it has been necessary to move the bus stop as the location of the build out means that the bus could not pull into the side of the road. It is proposed to move the bus stop further south to outside number 49 Buxton Lane.

if you have any comments to make regarding this proposal please email by Friday 27 August 2021