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Bell Lane and School Lane, Fetcham - speed table proposal

Proposed construction of speed tables

Surrey County Council are proposing to install traffic calming measures in the form of table top road humps in Bell Lane and School Lane. This is in order to support a 20mph speed limit outside Oakfield Junior School and Fetcham Village Infant School.

Signs and lights were installed in 2013 on Bell Lane and School Lane to advise drivers to slow down to 20mph. These signs and lights, when operating, have not been successful at reducing drivers speed to 20mph or less. We are therefore proposing to make the existing advisory 20mph mandatory at all times and for these traffic calming measures to be installed to support the mandatory 20mph speed limit. This is due to concerns about road safety outside of the above schools.

Funding has now been identified for the installation of these traffic calming measures in the form of new road signs and table top road humps. These can be viewed on the proposed plans at the bottom of this page.

Should you have any comments regarding these proposed works, including comments supporting the proposals, please send them to the following address or email by 28 June 2019.

Surrey County Council Highways
Hazel House,
Merrow Depot,
Merrow Lane,

Subject to the outcome of this consultation, it is planned to construct the traffic calming measures during the school summer holidays (between 25 July and 4 September 2019).

Files available to download