Wider Network Benefits East - cross boundary major transport scheme

Wider Network Benefits - East

The Wider Network Benefits East project is being funded by grant from the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership and HM Government.

Following an application for funding in 2015, £3 million Local Growth Deal grant funding was approved to fund the project alongside £0.75m other contributions.

The Wider Network Benefits - East (WNB-E) package is helping us to manage our road network and respond to the challenges caused by traffic congestion (see also Surrey County Council's Congestion Strategy). The Wider Network Benefits scheme aims to expand and upgrade the traffic management systems on the primary road network in eastern Surrey which will help to improve traffic flow during congestion and journey time reliability. The scheme will also enhance how we respond to traffic incidents, improve road safety and help to manage key events on the road network; those planned in advance such as the Ride London Cycle Events and unplanned events such as the use of diversion routes onto Surrey's road network when there are incidents on the M25 and M23 motorways.

The scheme concentrates on the 'A' road network in east Surrey: A23; A24 ; A25; A217; and A240. The Wider Network Benefits scheme is made up of different Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) measures. These can deliver noticeable benefits for Surrey through swifter responses to incidents and improved journey time reliability for all vehicles using the roads, as well as improvements in safety, reductions in pollution and more accurate real time travel information.

What are Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and how are they used in Wider Network Benefits East?

An intelligent transportation system (ITS) is a technology that improves the road user's experience using systems that monitor, manage and enhance the local transport network. They enable road users to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and 'smarter' use of the roads. The Wider Network Benefits - East scheme will deliver these ITS measures and has been broken down into four key elements:

Prevent – Using average speed cameras as a means of reducing speeds and casualties, as well as the reduction in incidents which cause unexpected traffic congestion. This is part of a partnership between Surrey County Council and Surrey Police.

Monitor – The two monitoring aspects that will be used are; Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras and CCTV Cameras. Working in partnership with Surrey Police, ANPR Cameras provide Surrey County Council with live, anonymous data on average journey times. These cameras also help Surrey Police to detect, deter and disrupt criminal activities. CCTV cameras, positioned at key strategic locations enable staff working in our Network Management and Information Centre (NMIC) to view live traffic conditions and quickly respond to incidents.

Inform – The data collected can be used by Surrey County Council to inform road users about what is happening on the road network and give up-to-date travel information. Variable Message Signage (VMS) positioned at key decision points on the road network will display information on incidents in real time. This real time information can also be tweeted and used to update our live roadworks data.

Control – Existing traffic signals will be upgraded so that they work better and can be controlled by Surrey County Council Traffic professionals remotely in real-time. This means that when there is an incident on the roads the traffic signals can be altered to better keep vehicles moving on the road network.

When will the scheme elements be implemented?

Implementation of the project started in 2017 and is now complete.

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