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Reigate and Banstead major transport schemes

A23 Three Arch Road junction improvements

Surrey County Council has developed proposals for a scheme to improve the A23 Three Arch Road and Maple Road junction.

The junction is in an important location that connects drivers, bus users, cyclists and pedestrians to Redhill town centre to the north and Horley, Gatwick Airport and Crawley to the south. It is also used for access to East Surrey Hospital. The junction currently suffers from major congestion which causes severe queues and traffic delays, including delays to ambulances in an emergency.

The benefits of the proposed scheme will include:

  • Reduced congestion and traffic delays.
  • Quicker journeys through the junction especially in the morning and evening peak times.
  • Improved emergency and visitor access to East Surrey Hospital.
  • Less congestion and queuing at the junction which will be beneficial for air quality in the area.
  • Improved bus reliability and journey time savings, with priority given to late running buses at the traffic signals.
  • Shared paths and new crossings which will provide safer routes for cyclists and pedestrians.

Further details of the proposals including an overview drawing of the junction proposals are provided across the three consultation panels in the section below.

Consultation on the proposals

We consulted publicly on the proposals between 1 November 2018 and 6 January 2019. A questionnaire was provided for the public to provide their views.

The three consultation panels below provide details on the proposals.

We held two exhibition events on 22 and 28 November at the Three Arches Restaurant within East Surrey Hospital. At these events staff from the Project Team were on hand to answer questions. Additionally we provided physical displays of the panels at Reigate Town Hall between 30 November 2018 and 6 January 2019.

The consultation is now closed. Approximately 300 responses were received and these have been analysed. The consultation report below sets out our analysis of the consultation.

The next stage of the scheme development is detailed design, which is now expected to proceed subject to funding, given the high level of public support demonstrated through the consultation. At the detailed design stage, issues raised for further review during the consultation process (see consultation report) will be considered.

Contact us

You can email us at: Please include 'Three Arch Junction' in your email subject.

Greater Redhill Sustainable Transport Package (STP)

The Greater Redhill Sustainable Transport Package is being funded by grant from the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership and HM Government.

Scheme delivery commenced during autumn of 2015.

Latest progress update (March 2019):

The scheme is nearing completion. The newsletter below summarises the works completed so far.

Timeline newly surfaced path joining Salfords Station to NCR21

The project has been delivered in phases.

Delivery of phase one of the project was completed in 2017 and included improvements to the National Cycle Route (NCR) 21 between Redhill and Horley. The re-opening of this section of the NCR 21 featured in the online get Surrey news coverage. Phase one also included the widening and resurfacing of the shared cycle and pedestrian footway along Woodhatch Road, between Pendleton Road and Maple Road junctions.

The photograph shows the improvements to the path that joins Salfords station to the NCR 21 after works were completed here in March 2016.

Other improvements delivered include the widening of the shared footway along Princess Way in Redhill town centre for pedestrians and cyclists.

Phase two of the project which is almost entirely complete, began in 2017. A significant part of phase 2 and the overall project has been the construction of a shared cycle/pedestrian path along the A23 covering:

  • Section 1 from the junction with Three Arch Road and south to the junction with West Avenue.
  • Section 2 between West Avenue and Honeycrock Lane.
  • Section 3 between Honeycrock Lane and Wood Close.
  • Section 4 between Wood Close and Cross Oak Lane.

The main works have been completed with final remedial works being carried out for section 4. In order to prevent parking on the shared cycle/pedestrian path, installation of bollards is being reviewed at key locations. Designs for these four sections of shared cycle/pedestrian footway are available to view at the bottom of this page.

Phase 2 has also included a programme of Quality Bus Corridor improvements along the routes served by local bus services 430/435, 420/460, 400, 424, 100, 314 and 357. This programme of works is complete apart from one bus shelter installation still required.

In summary the programme of Quality Bus Corridor improvements include:

  • 39 new bus shelters;
  • 55 new RTPI displays;
  • 63 clearway approvals;
  • 34 accessibility improvements to bus stop areas; and
  • 2 new bus stops with accessibility bus stop areas.

Live bus information has also been installed at Earlswood Railway Station and Salfords Railway Station to better integrate bus/rail travel.

Horley Master Plan schemes form the local funding contribution for the STP. Works have been completed to provide a series of Highways improvements to support the extension to the Fastway 20 bus service through the Acres, Horley. This includes works to Langshott, Brookfield Drive, Orchard Drive and the crossroads of Langshott/Wheatfield Way/Orchard Drive. The Metrobus operated Fastway 20 bus service extension started operating at the beginning of February 2018.

What is the Greater Redhill STP scheme?

This scheme is a series of improvements along sections of the A23, the A2044 and the A217 corridors, in and around Redhill, Reigate, Salfords and Horley, and along National Cycle Route 21 (NCR21). They will make travelling by bike, bus, on foot and connecting with rail, safer, easier and faster.

The project aims to make it easier for people to use sustainable travel options between business areas, and to health, leisure and retail facilities. The best way to do this is to extend the quality cycle and bus corridors that exist in central Redhill into the surrounding area.

Cycle and footpath improvements within the project cover:

  • Improving and widening existing off road cycle paths including improvements to sections of the National Cycle Route 21 between Redhill and Horley.
  • Shared cycle and footpaths along the A23 and connecting routes to Reigate providing better accessibility between Redhill/Reigate and Horley.

Bus corridor improvements include:

  • High standard bus stops providing better facilities, passenger information and step-free access onto buses.
  • Bus priority traffic measures and service reliability improvements.
  • Introducing a bus only signalised right hand turn from Princess Way into Ladbroke Road (northbound) for bus services in Redhill town centre.

The total cost of the scheme is £4.9 million and it is being funded mainly from grant funding from the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership. The remainder will be from developer contributions associated with new housing in Horley.

Public Consultation

Between 19 June and 31 July 2015, we asked for your views on the scheme proposals to help us develop the scheme into the next more detailed stage of design.

As well as a questionnaire survey, a public exhibition was held at the East Surrey Hospital on Thursday 9 July and Saturday 11 July 2015. You can view the Public Engagement Analysis Report (PDF) to see how stakeholders responded.

Contact us

You can email us at: Please include 'Greater Redhill STP' in your email subject.

Epsom Banstead Sustainable Transport Package (STP)

To find out more about this cross-borough scheme, please see: Epsom and Banstead major transport schemes

Files available to download