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Mole Valley major transport schemes

Dorking Sustainable Transport Package (STP) (Phase 1)

The Dorking STP is complete.


Following a successful funding application, the Dorking Sustainable Transport Package was funded by grant from the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership and HM Government, to improve sustainable travel options in Dorking.

Local Enterprise Partnership funding was granted in 2016 with, with additional funds also being provided from local contributions.

Our funding application (PDF) focused on improving links between Dorking Main and Dorking Deepdene railway stations. The aim of the scheme is to make it easier for passengers to continue their journeys in a sustainable way from the stations, whether on foot, bicycle or by public transport. To do this, we have:

  • Widened pavements to allow shared pedestrian and cycle use between Dorking Main and Dorking Deepdene station (joint working with Southern Railway for the section on Station Approach).
  • Installed a road table at the junction of Station Approach and Lincoln Road to allow easy pedestrian and cycle access into Dorking Main station.
  • Improved waiting facilities at the bus station at Dorking Main railway station, at bus stop A opposite Dorking Main, and at the bus stop opposite Waitrose on South Street.
  • Installed better wayfinding information at the Dorking railway stations and across Dorking.

We have also worked with our partners at Great Western Railway to update and improve Dorking Deepdene to make sure it is of the standard you'd expect for this type of station on the North Downs Line between Gatwick Airport and Reading. This has included:

  • Upgrading the access areas and footpaths leading to the station staircases along with lighting and vegetation improvements.
  • Installing new waiting shelters on the platforms, CCTV, two new ticket vending machines and real time information screens displaying rail departure times and bus departure times from nearby bus stops.
  • Installing a new cycle shelter facility.

Find out more

Latest (final) newsletter

Site plans/drawings

Between 19 June and 31 July 2015 we asked for your views on the scheme proposals to help us develop the scheme into the next more detailed stage of design.

You can still see the initial consultation documents by clicking on the following links:

This page will be updated regularly - please check back regularly for the latest progress.

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You can email us at:

Please include 'Dorking STP' in your email subject.

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Dorking Transport Study

A transport study for the town of Dorking commenced in 2017. The objectives of the study were:

  • To reduce congestion.
  • To enhance the walking and cycling environment by making these transport modes more attractive.
  • To identify localised capacity enhancements where these meet the two objectives above.

A stakeholder meeting was held on 26 November 2018 to present the conclusions of the Dorking Transport Study. The study concluded that there was no small scale engineering solution to the congestion problems of Dorking that is both deliverable, within available funding limits and environmentally acceptable. Deepdene Station has been identified as a potential future major scheme. An access for all funding nomination has been made to the Department for Transport through Great Western Railway (GWR) and the station is ranked third in their list of nominations for the GWR network. Successful stations will be announced in April 2019.

A range of smaller proposed options have been identified through the Dorking Transport Study which will be included in the Mole Valley Local Transport Strategy Forward Programme that meet the aims of the study; reducing congestion and encouraging sustainable transport modes.. Short term work streams identified for quicker action include; signage and lining improvements that could make significant difference for congestion and parking.

The safety, junction design and signals at Pump Corner were further reviewed following member and public feedback. A safety review at Pump Corner concluded that any changes would impact pedestrian and cyclist safety and that the junction is working as a careful balance for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians given the constrained geometric layout.

A copy of the conclusions presented at the stakeholder meeting in November as well as the Transport Study documents are provided below:

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Leatherhead Sustainable Transport Package (STP)

The Leatherhead STP is a set of proposals that would make it easier, quicker, and safer to walk and cycle between Fetcham, Leatherhead town centre, railway station, business parks and the proposed Riverside Quarter.

By encouraging more people to travel sustainably – by bike or on foot – less people will rely on travelling by car to get to Leatherhead. This would mean less congestion, less pollution and more people will lead healthier lives.

The Leatherhead STP is part of Transform Leatherhead, the regeneration plans being led by Mole Valley District Council for Leatherhead. Leatherhead town centre is going to be expanded and transformed but to make sure that it is accessible by all forms of transport, improvements for pedestrians and cyclists are needed.

Having undertaken initial feasibility work, we created a package of proposed schemes where pedestrian and cycling facilities would be improved to:

  • Create safe, attractive routes connecting major destinations that people will want to use;
  • Improve pavements and pedestrian areas so that they are wide, well surfaced and suitable for buggies and wheelchairs;
  • Provide cycle routes which are continuous and separated from busy traffic.


Between 31 October 2016 and 11 December 2016 we asked for your views on the proposed improvements.

Details of the proposals were displayed online during this period and were also on display at a series of staffed public exhibitions held on the 22, 19 and 26 November at the leisure centre and theatre.

The consultation has now closed.

The proposals

The link below provides all the information materials which were on display during the public exhibition:

The locations of the proposed improvements are shown on the following map:

The consultation was part of a wider engagement exercise that also covers flood alleviation and parking. For more information please visit the Mole Valley website.

An artistic impression of how Leatherhead could look following the implementation of Transform Leatherhead is also shown:

Next steps

Further feasibility work is required to develop the proposals further and address deliverability issues identified. As the proposals are still in development, some aspects may change to fit in with available space and budget. Funding options also need to be identified.

Contact us

You can email us at:

Please include 'Leatherhead STP' in your email subject.

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