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Epsom and Ewell major transport schemes

29 October - Update on congestion in Epsom

The recent BT traffic light communications error has now been resolved. This was preventing effective co-ordination of the town centre traffic lights via the Urban Town Centre traffic control system. Work will commence this week to make the necessary checks and updates to the traffic control system so it takes into account the recent two-way changes. This will improve the co-ordination between the car park exit and the Playhouse junction and is expected to be in place by the end of this week.

We apologise for the unfortunate delays caused to both Ashley Avenue and Dorking Road, due to the lack of co-ordination between the traffic signals.

Please note that the current Spread Eagle works will still continue to disrupt town centre traffic at times and the traffic control system will not be in complete control of traffic until these works are completed. Once restored, the traffic control system will allow remote monitoring and further refinements to improve journey times through the town centre.

Spread Eagle Junction

Junction improvements

This phase of the improvements to the town centre will renew the traffic signals at the Spread Eagle Junction, at the pedestrian crossing at the Ashley Centre access and at the crossing by Derby Square.

As the pedestrian crossings at the Ashley Centre and Spread Eagle are some of the most used in the town centre they will also have pedestrian countdown markers so pedestrians can see how long they have to cross.

The traffic island in the crossroads will also be removed and the footway built out at the Metro Bank corner. This will be paved with the same blocks as recently used in South Street footways and outside the Playhouse. The pedestrian crossing between this corner and the Spread Eagle will also be fully controlled making it safer than the existing crossing which has had an unfortunate history of pedestrian accidents.

We will also be resurfacing the area. This will require some night time works with road closures. We will update this website as well as advise local businesses and residents when we have programmed this work.

The improvement works will be undertaken in a number of phases.

  • Phase 1. High Street West Crossing
  • Phase 2. Ashley Rd Crossing
  • Phase 3. Highs St East Crossing
  • Phase 4. Waterloo Road

Phase 1 includes the immediate removal of the large pedestrian island, as this will then provide sufficient working space to undertake the remaining works and allow traffic management arrangements for the required lane closures as we progress around the junction but keep the junction open to traffic and controlled pedestrian crossings. Appropriate signage will be in place to direct pedestrians to specific controlled pedestrian crossing points when specific pedestrian crossings are not in use. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the works but please use the alternative pedestrian crossing as advised. The works are planned to finish by 30 November.

Update 1 November

The pedestrian crossing point between Coral Bookmakers and Metro Bank remains closed. The crossing outside the Ashley Centre is also closed. A temporary crossing has been provided in its place.

The pedestrian crossing over Ashley Road will be closed whilst works are being undertaken for the new kerbs, ducting and paving. A temporary crossing point has been provided further along Ashley Road.

The "Pedestrian Marshall" remains available to assist the visually impaired and less able road users to cross the road safely.

Traffic management is currently in place to protect the workforce. We are aware that this will cause traffic disruption, but we will attempt to keep this to a minimum.

Previous update 1 October

Work commenced on Monday 24 September. This was originally planned to start on 17 September but was delayed due to emergency utility works at East Street and Hook Road

The pedestrian crossing point between Coral bookmakers and Metro Bank is currently closed, however all other pedestrian crossings at the junction are operational. Crossings outside the Ashley Centre and Epsom Square are also operational. In order to assist visually impaired users as well as other pedestrians a "Pedestrian Marshall" will be provided.

Traffic management is currently in place to protect the workforce. We are aware that this will cause traffic disruption, but we will attempt to keep this to a minimum.

Traffic signal poles will be removed in the coming weeks so that new sockets can be installed ready for the new traffic signals.

Epsom 'Plan E' Highway improvements

The County Council has been awarded £2.7m from the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to change the road layout in Epsom to help reduce congestion and improve the town centre's appearance. The scheme contributes towards securing Epsom's town centre future as set out in the Borough Council's adopted Area Action Plan, Plan E.

The scheme aims to reduce congestion and promote economic growth by making it easier for shoppers to get to the town centre provide an attractive business environment and support the creation of jobs.

Previous update 2 October

We are aware of the current delays in Ashley Avenue. These are being caused by a lack of traffic signal co-ordination between The Playhouse and Ashley Centre Car Park junctions, we are waiting for BT to attend site and fix this error.

Some minor adjustments to the phasing and staging are due to be implemented to the Playhouse junction for the A24 southbound left turn from Ashley Avenue on as drivers are continuing to ignore the give way line. This was due to take place on 1 October, however the delays caused by the M25 closure mean that these alterations, as well as the commissioning of the signals at the TK Maxx crossing, have unfortunately been rescheduled.

Following the full opening of South Street to two-way working, monitoring of the roads is continuing and some additional road markings and signs are being considered based on observation of driver behaviour in these areas.

After the removal of the traffic management, the new traffic patterns and the traffic signals will be monitored and adjusted to adapt to those new patterns. The traffic signals will be linked via the Urban Traffic Control system to ensure the junctions operate as efficiently as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience that these delays may cause.

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A24 Network Resilience Epsom Town Centre business case submission

The Business Case to the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership bidding for £2million Local Growth Deal Funding to fund the A24 Network Resilience scheme has been resubmitted on 8 September, including Independent Assurance recommending the scheme for funding approval.

The scheme aims to address drainage and carriageway defects identified at the 'Spread Eagle' junction and other sections of the one-way system, during recent investigations part of the Plan E Highway Improvements scheme which are out of scope and budget of the Plan E Highway Improvements scheme .

If the bid is successful the resilience scheme will provide reinstatement of the existing drainage system identified as in poor structural repair, improve access to drainage to ease future maintenance, repair and resurface the worn carriageway and re-profile the road to balance flow into drainage systems. The works will coincide with the current planned Highways works in 2017 as part of the Epsom Plan E Highway Improvement works and will result in significant reductions in the need for future reactive maintenance to provide a fully resilient town centre highway network.

For this cross-borough scheme, please follow the link to find out more: Epsom and Banstead major transport schemes

Unsuccessful bid for funding

We have recently been informed that the A24 Epsom Town Centre Network Resilience scheme bid was unsuccessful and has not been awarded funding. Surrey County Council are waiting on feedback from the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership (C2C LEP) to understand why the funding was unsuccessful. The lack of funding results in the eastern ends of the High Street and East Street junctions in not being resurfaced and some other drainage works will not being corrected. However funds are available to ensure that drainage defects will be corrected and the carriageway will be resurfaced on the western side of the town centre as part of the Plan E Highways Improvements works. The County Council will continue to lobby the C2C LEP to fund this important scheme for Epsom Town Centre.

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