Parking permit review 2022

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At the Cabinet meeting on 28 January 2020, a number of changes to permit parking schemes in Surrey were agreed. Amongst these was an increase in the fees payable for residents' parking permits and changes to the provision of residents' visitor parking permits.

The agreed changes were as follows:

  • An increase in the cost of the first permit issued to a household to £80
  • An increase in the cost of a second permit issued to the household to £100
  • An increase in the cost of any more permits issued to the household to £130
  • An annual increase for all residents' permits of £4 every two years from April 2024 to April 2028
  • The introduction of a child care permit in all permit schemes, which will allow people that provide regular care for the children of residents to park in the permit spaces during the hours of operation. These permits will be available at the same rate as residents' permits and the cost will therefore depend on the number of permits that have already been issued to the household who are applying
  • An increase in the cost of daily resident visitor permits to £3 where considered appropriate (eg busier town centres) but remaining at £2 elsewhere, and an increase in the number that a household can apply for in a year to 150
  • The introduction of new 2-hour visitor permits, costing £1, with a maximum allowance of 250 per household per year
  • The removal of the charge for Carers' permits (currently £10) for the use of carers visiting housebound residents

Advertising the changes

Earlier this year, in March in most of the county and in June in Guildford, as part of the legal process to make the necessary amendments to the relevant traffic orders, we formally advertised our intention to make the changes by way of notices published in local newspapers.

At the same time, we wrote to all existing resident permit holders, making them aware of the proposed changes, after which there was a period during which people could let us have their views about them. Following this period, we analysed and collating all the feedback that we received, and the Director for Highways and Transport considered all the comments and, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Highways, made the final decisions about whether any of the changes would go ahead.

At the bottom of this page there is a document which explains the reasons why we proposed to make the changes and contains a summary of the feedback that we received and our responses to the feedback, as well as the final decision, which is to go ahead with all the changes as advertised.

What happens next

The changes to the costs of residents permits came into effect in the borough of Guildford on 1 October and in the rest of the county on 1 November. The child care permits and the 2-hour visitor permits and any other change will be introduced in the course of the next financial year (2023-24) on a date to be confirmed.

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