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Parking news and updates in Woking

2017 parking review.

Apart from a small about of snagging, this review is complete.

Site visits for the 2017 Woking parking review took place in December 2016 and January 2017. A report of recommendations was presented to the Woking joint committee at its meeting on 22 March 2017. We advertised our intention to introduce the proposed new parking restrictions in August, following which we considered all the comments that we received and made the final decisions about what should be introduced. The lining and signing for the new restrictions are in place in operation.

Full details of this review are available on the Woking 2017 parking review page.

2018 parking review

During March and April 2018 we looking at on-street parking issues across the borough. These have been brought to our attention largely by members of the public, the police, councillors and highway officers since the previous review took place. We visited, assessed, and prioritised the requests for new or amended parking controls, and are preparing a report of our findings and recommendations, which we will present to the Woking Joint Committee at its meeting on 20 June 2018.

You can follow progress of the review on the Woking 2018 parking review page on our website.