Woking parking review 2020

There are a number of stages involved in the review and these are explained below.

The current stage is: Implementation


During September we carried out assessments and site visits for all the parking problems and requests for changes to parking restrictions which have been brought to our attention since the previous parking review took place. Most of these concerns were brought to our attention by members of the public, the emergency services, councillors and highway officers since the previous review took place. Following the assessments and site visits, we prioritise the requests and create a report of our findings and recommendations.

Committee authorisation

We presented this report of recommendations to the Woking Joint Committee. It was Item 11 at the meeting on the evening of 11 November 2020. All the proposals were approved. Two additional locations were added at the meeting at the request of Councillors. They are Hillside in the Woking South division and Thornash Road in the Goldsworth East and Horsell division where additional double yellow lines will be advertised.

One point of interest is that 5 locations have been approved for the introduction of on-street Electric Vehicle charging points. The first of potentially many in the Borough over the coming years.

Advertisement and objections

We have now advertised the changes the Joint Committee has agreed in principle should be made and the consultation has finished. Thank you to everybody who took part. Officers and Councillors are now reading through all the responses. Still available to read below is a Statement of Reasons for each proposal along with accessible PDF drawings of the proposed changes.

The drawings are displayed by county councillor division. We are also advertising the first batch of borough wide on-street electric vehicle charging points.

Please note that any Woking town centre proposals will be displayed in the Goldsworth East and Horsell Village division.


The parking team manager has considering the support, comments and objections that we received in consultation with the chairman/ vice chairman of the Joint Committee and the county councillor for each area now the consultation has finished. Final decisions about which proposals will be implemented have been made. The decisions are final for this parking review. The report summarising the feedback received, detailing the final decisions and reasons for them is available to read below. The original advertised drawings are also available to view.


We are now undertaking the detailed design of the agreed changes. This involves marking out the extents of the lining on street and preparing the orders for our contractors, who will them install the necessary signs and lines. About the same time, we will make the final changes to the traffic regulation orders, which are the documents that provide the legal framework for all the parking restrictions, and publish another notice in a local newspaper, advising that we have done so. All the new restrictions will them come into effect.

Files available to download