Tandridge parking review 2020

Tandridge parking review 2020

There are a number of stages involved in the review, which are shown below. Because of this, and delays caused by the Coronavirus, we are not expecting to have completed it until the spring of 2021.

The current stage is: Advertisement and objections


During January 2020, we carried out assessments and site visits for all the parking problems and requests for changes to parking restrictions, which had been brought to our attention since the previous parking review took place. Most of these were reported by members of the public, councillors and highway officers, and some came from the emergency services and bus operators. Following the assessments and site visits, we prioritised the requests and created a report of our findings and recommendations.

Committee authorisation

We presented the report to Surrey County Council's Local Committee for Tandridge at its meeting on 6 March 2020 and you can see a copy of it on the Tandridge Local Committee meeting agenda. It is item 10 on the agenda.

Advertisement and objections

Although the coronavirus pandemic led to a delay, we are now ready to formally advertise our intention to introduce the proposed new parking controls and restrictions agreed by the local committee in March. On Thursday 17 September we will publish the required notice in the Surrey Mirror, after which there will be a 28 day period for people to comment on or object to any of the proposals. You can see a copy of the notice at the bottom of this page.

Also at the bottom of the page is a document, which describes all the proposed new parking controls and restrictions and the reasons that we want to introduce them. Underneath that are drawings showing the proposals. In the document of explanation, the proposals are divided up by electoral division, and then by town, and the plans are also divided by electoral division.

If you want to comment on any of the proposals, whether an objection or a message of support, please do so using our online form.

If you would prefer, you can send your views in a letter, quoting Tandridge parking review 2020, by writing to: Mr D Curl, Parking Team, Hazel House, Merrow Lane, Guildford GU4 7BQ.

Please note that the closing date for contacting us is Thursday 15 October.


The parking team manager will consider any comments or objections that we receive before, in consultation with the chairman/vice chairman of the local committee and the county councillor for each area, making the final decisions about which proposals will be implemented, with or without changes. We will publish a report summarising the objections and comments, detailing the final decisions and the reasons for them on this page.


After the final decisions have been made, we will undertake the detailed design of the agreed changes. This involves marking out the extents of the lining on street and preparing the orders for our contractors, who will then install the necessary signs and lines. About the same time, we will make the final changes to the traffic regulation orders, which are the documents that provide the legal framework for all parking restrictions, and publish another notice in a local newspaper, advising that we have done so. All the new restrictions will then come into effect.

Files available to download