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Reigate and Banstead parking review 2017-18

There are a number of stages involved in the review, these are shown below. The current stage is: Implementation


In the autumn of 2017 we looked at parking problems across the borough. These had been brought to our attention largely by members of the public, the police, councillors and highway officers, since the previous review had taken place.

We visited, assessed, and prioritised the requests for new or amended parking controls, before creating a report of our findings and recommendations for which should be taken forward.

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Committee authorisation

We presented our report of recommendations to the Reigate and Banstead local committee at its meeting on 4 December 2017 for initial approval. A copy of the report is available on the agenda for the local committee meeting - it is item nine on the agenda.

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Advertisement and objections

On Thursday 19 April 2018, by way of a notice published in the Surrey Mirror, we formally advertised our intention to introduce the changes to the parking controls and restrictions in Reigate & Banstead borough as part of this parking review. We also put up notices on lamp columns in the streets concerned, and, depending on the type and extent of the proposal, delivered post cards to nearby addresses. There then followed a period of 28 days (up to 17 May) during which people could let us have their views about any of the proposals.

Towards the bottom of this page there is a document, which you can download, called 'Description of proposals' which lists all the proposed changes. Please note that they are sorted alphabetically by electoral division, then town, then road name. If there is a particular road or town that you are looking for, please open the document and press 'Ctrl' and 'F' to bring up a search box, enter the name and press 'Return'. In the right hand column of the table it tells you the number of the drawing that relates to the proposal, and the drawings are in the other documents below, sorted by number.

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The parking team manager, in consultation with the chairman/vice chairman of the local committee and the county councillor for each the areas concerned, has now considered all the comments or objections that we received following the advertisement and made the final decisions about which proposals will be implemented, with or without any changes. Underneath the description of proposals document and the drawings below, there are ten documents which provide a summary of all the objections and other comments that we received in response to the advertisement and the decisions that were made as a result, and the reasons for them. Any restrictions that are in the original description of proposals but do not appear in any of the ten decisions documents will be installed as advertised, as there were no objections, or any other comments.

These decisions are final and there is no appeal stage. We will monitor the effects of the new parking restrictions and can consider any necessary changes as part of the next parking review in Reigate & Banstead.

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Implementation of the new restrictions has taken place and they are in operation.

Files available to download