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Mole Valley parking review 2019

There are a number of stages involved in the review, these are shown below.

The current stage is: Introduction


During September and October 2019, we will be looking at parking issues across the district. These issues have been brought to our attention largely by members of the public, the police, councillors and highway officers since the previous review took place. We will visit, assess, and prioritise the requests for new or amended parking controls, and then write a report of our findings and recommendations.

Committee authorisation

We will then present a report of our findings to the Mole Valley Local Committee which will be held on 11 December at the Mole Valley District Council offices in Dorking. You will be able to read the report in full on the Mole Valley Local Committee webpage.

Advertisement and objections

The parking proposals that get approved by the Mole Valley Local Committee will then have to be formally advertised by public notice.

Formal advertising lasts for 28 days. A legal notice at the start of the 28 days will be published in the local newspaper. We shall also put up notices in the streets where changes are proposed to be made for people to see. All properties adjacent to the road where changes are proposed to be made will be notified individually by letter or flyer.

The 28 days of formal advertising allows residents and interested groups, to give their own opinion on what the council is proposing to do. Opinions must be submitted in writing.

To help you do that, a feedback form will be created. A link to it will appear on this page in due course. You will be able to fill in this form online to submit your opinions.

Also at the formal advertising stage, you will also be able to view and download drawings of all the proposals on this web page. These will be presented in PDF format. Also available to read will be a copy of the legal notice and a statement of reasons detailing each proposal.


All of the feedback received during the advertising stage will be read by the parking team manager in consultation with the chairman / vice chairman of the local committee and the county councillor of the area concerned. All responses will be given due consideration and a final decision will be made about which proposals should go ahead and whether any should be changed or withdrawn.

There is no 'appeal' stage. If you do not like a decision that has been reached by members and officers who consider the objections then you will need to submit a new request for the location to be assessed again in the next Mole Valley parking review.


Once approval has been given, we will revisit all of the locations where new restrictions are due to be implemented. Each location will be marked up; final drawings will be prepared and will be issued to the lining contractor for them to install the road markings. At the same time we will place the accompanying signing order. As signs are manufactured to our requirements, there can be a time delay between the lines appearing on the road and new signs being installed.

We also make the required changes to the legal traffic regulation orders. The new controls and restrictions then come into effect and will be enforceable.