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Elmbridge parking review 2018-19

Coronavirus: suspension of parking related activities

As of 25 March 2020, we are postponing the installation, refreshment or replacement of any road markings or traffic signs relating to parking controls or restrictions in Surrey for a period of three weeks. This is in order to protect our contractors and suppliers and the wider public in the current coronavirus outbreak. This is in line with the council's overarching policy to pause any non-safety critical works on the highway. We will review this decision at the end of the three week period.

There are a number of stages involved in the review, these are shown below. The current stage is: Implementation


The deadline for requests for new parking controls to be considered as part of this parking review was at the end of June 2018. All of the requests we'd received were assessed based on road safety, accessibility, congestion, the possibility of just displacing a problem and how many people supported the change.

We received around 370 individual requests, along with 19 parking scheme requests forms (petitions).

Committee authorisation

Our report of recommendations was presented to the local committee for initial approval under Item 8 of the meeting of 26 November 2018. The report had three annexes:

  • 1 - Description and explanation of proposals - a table and drawings of recommended proposals
  • 2 - Petition responses and recommendations
  • 3 - Locations rejected

The committee approved the report with the following changes and additions:

  • Bridge Road and Creek Road, East Molesey - provide two '30 minute' parking bays (replacing existing bays) at the north-east end of Bridge Road and extend the proposed bays on Creek Road across the unused access outside numbers 13/15.
  • Manordene Close, Thames Ditton - add a proposal to introduce double yellow lines along one side of the road.
  • Thames Street, Weybridge - modify the times of the proposed and existing hours of operation of the school keep clear markings to better match the opening hours of the school.
  • Re-consider the idea of introducing permit parking controls in Dorchester Road and Gascoigne Road, as well as modifying existing schemes in Limes Road and Minorca Road.

The committee's decision to re-consider potential schemes at this stage is likely to affect overall timescales for the parking review.

Officers met have now meet with county and borough members to discuss potential options for new permit parking schemes in Weybridge, and the agreed schemes will be 'advertised' with the rest of the parking review in due course.

Informal consultation

We recently carried out parking consultations in three roads in the borough as part of this review. The consultation closed on Monday 8 April. Since then we have analysed the results and made the decisions about whether or not to proceed with a proposal in each area. The reports and decisions for each location are below:

The proposals for Broomfield Court and Matthew Arnold Close will be advertised along with the other schemes approved as part of this review (see below for details).

Advertisement and objections

We recently advertised our intention to introduce the new parking controls and restrictions. For this we published a notice in the Surrey Advertiser on 7 June. We also put up notices near where the new restrictions were proposed, and notified people most directly affected by post.

The closing date for comments was Friday 5 July 2019. We are currently considering the feedback received, before making the final decisions. The details of the advertised proposals are still available below, although you can no longer comment on them.

Below there is a document called 'Elmbridge parking review proposals 2018-19' which lists all the proposals, with a description and the reason that we want to install them, as well as the number of the drawing that they are on. If you want to find a particular location, open this document, press 'ctrl' and 'F' together and a search box will appear, type in the name and press the return key. The drawings have been sorted into packs by electoral division, and are arranged in numerical order within the pack.

Documents relating to the proposals:


The parking team manager, in consultation with the chairman/vice chairman of the local committee and the county councillor of the area concerned, considered all comments and objections, before making a final decision about which proposals should go ahead, and whether any should be changed or withdrawn.

The final decisions and reasons for them - made in September 2019 - are detailed in our report below, along with revised drawings where applicable:

Please note, drawing numbers 30, 31 and 32.1, are withdrawn.

Anyone who raised a comment or objection was sent a letter or email to advise of the outcome. There is no 'appeal' stage, and no modifications to the proposals can now be made as part of this process.


Following agreement of the final decisions, we have been back on site to carry out 'detailed design' in order to specify the new signs and lines required and place a works order with our contractors. The order was placed in October; lining work began in December 2019 and is largely complete. Signing work was completed during the week of 9 March 2020.

We have finalised the traffic regulation orders, and published a 'made notice' in the local press. The traffic orders were sealed in October 2019.

Once the new signs and lines are in place, the new restrictions will come into immediate effect.

The new permit parking schemes have been installed, but are not yet operational and are not being enforced. The borough council will be writing to residents in due course to offer permits and advise when the schemes will take effect, although their resources are currently prioritised to other activities owing to the current coronavirus outbreak.

Files available to download