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Replacing, changing or returning a Blue Badge

If the badge has expired, or badge no longer needed

  • If a Blue Badge has expired or is no longer needed you can cut it up and dispose of it, but please let us know if you no longer need a Blue Badge.
  • If the Blue Badge holder has died, you can cut it up and dispose of it, but please let us know the badge holder has died or you can hand the badge into the registrar when you register the death.

Replace a lost, stolen or damaged badge

If your Blue badge was lost or stolen you should report it to the police.

  • If lost you can first report it on the Police Virtual Bumble Bee website where you will be issued an incident number.
  • If stolen should first report it to the police who will give you a crime report number.

You can then use the relevant police reference number to complete the

Alternatively, you can print and complete a

If you have lost an organisation blue badge you will need to complete an organisation blue badge form (PDF).

Please note that any lost, stolen or replacement badge will have the same expiry date as your existing badge.

If you have lost your Blue Badge clock, you can contact us to request a replacement clock.

What to do if you have found a Blue Badge

If you have found a lost Blue Badge please return it to the Blue Badge Team.

Change your details

You should let us know if any of your details have changed such as: your name, address, email or contact details. We need your contact details up to date so we can send an automatic reminder when your badge is due for renewal.

Change your Blue Badge details (

Alternatively, you can write or email the Blue Badge Team.

If you have moved and no longer pay your council tax to Surrey County Council, you can let us know your new address and we will update your record. Your badge will still be valid, but when it is due for renewal, you will need to apply to the local authority where you live.