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Highways information team - enquiry charges

We are required to recover our costs for providing our services so there is often a charge payable for answering enquiries. Payments for enquiries can be made using our online payment form.

As from 1 April 2014 our charges are:

Standing charge

A standing charge is £22

Charge per enquiry

  • Enquiry fee (up to 50m): £10
  • Additional 50 metres (up to 500m): £10
  • Additional 10 metres (over 500m): £1

An enquiry is a specific question, or a request for highway boundary information relating to the area adjacent to the property (up to 50 metres). The information we supply may include plans up to A3 size.

If an additional area is requested this will incur an additional enquiry fee for every 50 metres requested. If the additional area requested is over 500 metres then it will be charged at the rate above.

Example: 650 metres of highway boundary data will be charged as follows:

£32 (standing charge plus enquiry fee) for first 50m,

£10 per 50m for next 450m = £90

£1 per 10m for remaining 150m = £15

Resulting in a total of £32 + £90 + £15 = £137.


  • A copy including plans: £60
  • Electronic copy of agreement and plans: £32

Local Searches

  • Con29 Required: £32
  • Con29 Optional:  £14
  • Typed enquiries excluding Highway Boundary: £12

Prices as of 1 April 2017 to include VAT

As of 1 April 2017 our local search enquiries will become subject to VAT and so our prices from this date will be as follows:

  • Con29 Required: £38.40
  • Con29 Optional:  £16.80
  • Typed enquiries excluding Highway Boundary: £14.40