Reigate and Banstead cycling plan


The Reigate and Banstead Cycling Plan sets out the practical local implementation of the Surrey Cycling Strategy.

The aim of the Surrey Cycling Strategy, published in 2014, is to get "more people cycling, more safely".

The strategy set out twelve objectives to achieve the aim. One of the objectives is to produce local cycling plans, to be developed by the Local Committee and its partners, which reflect local priorities.

In February 2017 the Reigate and Banstead Local Committee approved the publication of an online cycling plan. This will assist with the development of the cycling plan and any significant changes will be taken back to the local committee for approval.

The Cycling Plan covers:

  1. Cycle infrastructure
  2. Promotion and events
  3. Cycle training
  4. Safety campaigns
  5. Monitoring cycling

If you wish to make a suggestion please comment on our anonymous form. No personal details are requested from you.

1. Cycle infrastructure

Currently the main planning focus is the identification of a cycle facility network for the Borough and we are seeking ideas and comments. A number of Cycling Plan activities are already well-established in Reigate and Banstead, such as cycle training, promotion and monitoring and we will be pleased to receive suggestions on how to keep on improving them.

Cycle facilities are physical measures that improve the safety and convenience of cycling.

You can view a plan of the existing and potential cycle facilities. Please note that we are working on adding more detail to the map - road crossings, smaller 'point' potential improvements and cycle facilities are to follow. You can comment on one or more of the existing or proposed routes, or add a suggestion for a route that is not shown. To comment, please go to the anonymous form; no personal details are requested from you.

National Cycle Routes 21 and 22, and Avenue Verte, run through Reigate and Banstead. See the full routes on the Sustrans website. A major upgrade of the NCR21 between Whitebushes and Horley was implemented in 2016. The Redhill town centre balanced network scheme also improved NCR21 as well as creating other cycle facilities in the town centre. Other major schemes that include the provision of cycling infrastructure, in progress or in the pipeline, include Greater Redhill Sustainable Transport Package, Epsom Banstead Sustainable Transport Package and Horley .

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council created cycle tracks in several parks, including Priory Park, Memorial Gardens and Riverside Park.

The suggested cycle routes are previously identified schemes listed in the Local Transport Strategy. They are not programmed works, nor has any feasibility study necessarily been carried out. They identify useful links to access services providing a cycling option for people who are discouraged by the prospect of cycling on busier roads. They are routes we would potentially like to create when funding becomes available.

Proposals for new cycle parking locations are not currently included on the map, but please suggest one or more locations if you would like to do so.

2. Promoting cycling

See our maps and guides for Surrey cycle routes.

Active Surrey is the County's Sports Partnership, developing sport and physical activity. Amongst other aims, Active Surrey seek to increase participation and develop clubs.

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council have actively supported the Bike-It programme across the Borough since 2011 and it is now a comprehensive and successful scheme.

3. Cycle training

Surrey County Council provides National Standard cycle training to around 15,000 Surrey residents each year. As well as Bikeability in schools, customised cycle training is available for all ages and abilities.

Surrey Wheels for All is a charity (funding bodies include Surrey County Council) offering inclusive cycling sessions on adaptive bikes.

4. Safety campaigns

Drive SMART is a partnership between Surrey Police and Surrey County Council (including Surrey Fire and Rescue Service), with the aim of reducing road casualties, tackling anti-social road behaviour and making the county's roads safer and less stressful for everyone. It includes cycle safety campaigns.

5. Cycling data

This cycling plan consultation will help to determine cycling priorities for the Borough. In addition, we monitor numbers of people cycling, cyclist casualties and have also undertaken an interview survey of a cross-section of the Surrey population exploring the propensity to cycle. Find out more about:

The 2011 census collected journey to work information. The Surrey-i website shows these data broken down for local areas in Surrey.

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Please comment on any area of local authority cycling activity including safety campaigns, promotion, cycle training and monitoring activities. An anonymous form has been created for you to comment. No personal details are requested from you. .