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Forthcoming bus timetable changes

Both Surrey County Council and bus operators pledge to limit the number of times services change. However, there may be times when last minute changes to services will occur. These changes could be a consequence of unforeseen circumstances, customer requirements or the need to address operational issues.

The very latest bus timetable changes are listed below.

New timetables are added to this section as soon as they are available.

23 July 2017

2 (Stagecoach) - Minor timing adjustments

3 (Stagecoach) - Revised timings on Saturday before 0930

4/5 (Stagecoach) - Minor timing adjustments

7 (Stagecoach) - Localised route change in Riseley (Hampshire service)

8 (Stagecoach) - Localised route change in Riseley (Hampshire service)

10 (Stagecoach) -Revised timetable on Saturday afternoons (Hampshire service)

14 (Stagecoach) - Minor timing changes to early and late Saturday journeys (Hampshire service)

15 (Stagecoach) - Timing changes on Saturday afternoons (Hampshire service)

65 (Stagecoach) - Revised timetable. Diverted direct via A31 instead of Runfold.

402 (Stagecoach) - Revised morning times (Hampshire service)

24 July 2017

8 (Carlone Buses) - Withdrawn on Mondays

14 (Carlone Buses) - Service withdrawn

20 August 2017

194 (Courtney Buses) - Revised timetable to improve reliability.

2 September 2017

Advance notice of local bus timetable change from 2 September 2017