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Forthcoming bus timetable changes

Both Surrey County Council and bus operators pledge to limit the number of times services change. However, there may be times when last minute changes to services will occur. These changes could be a consequence of unforeseen circumstances, customer requirements or the need to address operational issues.

The very latest bus timetable changes are listed below.

New timetables are added to this section as soon as they are available.

5 June 2017

17/17A (Stagecoach) - 1710 from Guildford on Monday to Friday to be retimed to 1730.

70/71/72 (Stagecoach) - Timing adjustments to improve reliability.

236/636/646 (Southdown)  - Service 636 withdrawn and 646 route is revised in the pm to operate Baldwins Hill and Felcourt as 636 replacement.

324 (Southdown) - rerouted via Hookwood to accommodate stops previously served on 524.

357 (Southdown) - Timetable revisions to improve reliability.

409 (Southdown) - Journeys removed from Caterham The Village. Service 411 will provide a replacement off peak. Timetable revisions to improve reliability. Saturday journeys that operate via South Godstone, Hunters Chase are withdrawn.

410 (Southdown) - Timing changes to improve reliability. Certain journeys start/finish at Snow Hill Garden Centre. Last four journeys to Hust Green will not serve the loop via Mill Lane due to parking issues.

411 (Southdown) - Enhanced to operate 6am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm Saturday. Operates via The Village off peak replacing journeys on service 409.

424 (Southdown) - rerouted between Copthorne and Crawley to serve Forge Wood estate with minor timetable revisions.

485 (Southdown) - Revised timetable.

486/487 (Southdown) - Service withdrawn and replaced by changes to route 409 and 410.

524 (Southdown) - Service combined with 324.

594/595/695 (Southdown) - Minor timetable revisions to 695 which will operate 10 minutes earlier from Sundridge.

606 (Southdown) - Service withdrawn but covered by the changes made to services 609 and 610.

609 (Southdown) - Revised route that will no longer serve Saxby's Lane in the am or Godstone Green.

610 (Southdown) - Route will start from Felbridge and operate via Newchapel as a replacement to service 606.

694 (Southdown) - Route to start in Lingfield as an alternative to revised 609.

24 June 2017

R68 (Abellio London) - Minor timetable changes.