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Forthcoming bus timetable changes

Both Surrey County Council and bus operators pledge to limit the number of times services change. However, there may be times when last minute changes to services will occur. These changes could be a consequence of unforeseen circumstances, customer requirements or the need to address operational issues.

The very latest bus timetable changes are listed below.

New timetables are added to this section as soon as they are available.

20 November 2017

KITE (Stagecoach) Revised timetable

25 November 2017

8/N8 (First in Berkshire) - Revised timetable

2 January 2018

409 (Southdown) - Due to very low demand the 0649 from Chelsham to Upper Warlingham Station will no longer operate.  The 0658 SDO journey East Grinstead to Warlingahm School will operate 10 minutes earlier and a new at journey at 0748 from Snow Hill, Blindley Heath, South Godstone to Caterham has been introduced.

485 (Southdown) - The first journey towards East Grinstead on Schooldays will operate 10 minutes earlier at 0632. The 1630 journey from East Grinstead to Snow Hill is withdrawn. Two additional journeys have been introduced from Snow Hill at 1407 and from East Grinstead at 1120.

609 (Southdown) - Afternoon journey retimed by 10 minutes between South Godstone and East Grinstead.