Tandridge Community Advice Line

Tandridge District Council has launched a new Community Transport Advice line. The advice line is being operated by the East Surrey Rural Transport Partnership (ESRTP).

This single phone number is 01883 701270 is for residents who wish to use community transport services in the Tandridge district and will be open every weekday from 8.30am to 5pm to provide advice on the most appropriate form of transport available.

Staff at the advice line will be able to directly book residents on the services currently managed by the East Surrey Rural Transport Partnership (ESRTP) or signpost residents to alternative providers if appropriate.

Residents can also visit Tandridge Community Transport website for further information.

The East Surrey Rural Transport Partnership (ESRTP) runs the following services:

  • North Tandridge Voluntary Car Scheme (formerly called Caterham Car Scheme)
  • Dial a Ride service in the north of the district above the A25
  • Transport to the Douglas Brunton Centre
  • Tandridge Buses 4U demand responsive bus service