Demand responsive bus service

Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) is a completely flexible type of local bus service that has no fixed timetable which can be operated under a Section 22 permit. The route of the bus is determined by the requests made by passengers.

Passengers need to book in advance of using the service. The service is open to anyone who lives in the area where the services operate.

Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services:

  • BUSES 4U operate some services in the areas of Tandridge and Mole Valley
  • Waverley Hoppa operate a service in Farnham.
  • Runnymede Borough Council operate a service called the Longcross Link, to provide transport for residents living in the Upper Longcross development and employees of the Longcross Film Studios. The Longcross Link Service is in operation Monday-Saturday 07.00-19.00. Residents have to book in advance to their journey on Saturday. The hotline is open from Monday to Friday 06.00-18.00 and the telephone number is 01932 425050.

For areas that do not have a demand responsive bus service, a regular bus service may be available and Maps of bus routes and stops and Bus timetables are available.