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Community Transport Grant funding for Dial-a-Ride services

Community Transport: Project Funding

Surrey County Council is inviting you to bid for grant funding from Surrey County Council's Community Transport Project Funding Pot. We are inviting you to bid for a maximum of £5,000 on a project which enables greater access to Community Transport and/or improves the passenger experience. If you are bidding for an amount which is over £1,000, applications for this funding will have to be made through the Intend procurement system.

To apply for the grant via In-Tend please log on and search current tenders for: SCC LP Community Transport Project Funding or using the reference number: SCC - 018840

For applications under £1,000 please complete the application form attached and send to .

We are inviting Community Transport Providers, including Voluntary Car Schemes, to bid for this project funding. We will accept a maximum of one bid per operator/scheme. We will be accepting bids for grant funding between the 12 February and the 28 February 2018 and operators will be notified whether they have been successful in early March 2018.

To apply for project funding please complete the community transport project funding application form.

Operators who have completed a similar application form when they applied for Community Transport/Dial-a-Ride Grant Funding can reuse the information that they provided in sections one and two of that Grant Funding application.

Community Transport: Dial-a-Ride Grant Funding

Grant funding is available for any borough/district or existing or newly established voluntary organisation providing a Dial-a-Ride service. It is also available for projects that provide services to promote or develop community transport initiatives to Surrey residents in Surrey and neighbouring areas.

Please note that this funding is closed and by invitation only. Organisations will be invited to apply for the grant funding which will be published 14 July 2017 on the In-Tend system. For further information please visit the e-Sourcing portal or email the Travel and Transport Group:

The overall aim of a Dial-a-Ride service is to provide door to door transport to anyone:

  1. who has a mobility or sensory impairment which means experience difficulty or discomfort in using conventional bus services, or are unable to use them altogether;
  2. who does not have access to a car and there is no bus service running when they need to travel.

Files available to download