Community transport in Surrey

Community transport is for people who cannot use conventional public transport services. This could be because they do not have access to these services or because they are unable to use it because of sensory and/or mobility problems.

There are a variety of community transport schemes in Surrey. Local transport solutions are designed around users' needs resulting in innovative and flexible schemes. These schemes include community buses, Dial-a-ride, voluntary car schemes and Demand Responsive Transport (DRT). Taxis and private hire vehicles are another method of transport and taxis can provide wheelchair user accessible vehicles.

There are a number of community transport schemes operating throughout the County. Some help people with limited mobility get around in Surrey.

A community bus can be a small bus (9-16 passenger seats) operated by a local community organisation. They provide a registered bus service using volunteer/paid drivers. Special permits issued by the Traffic Commissioner are required before services can commence.

Dispensations of many of the rules governing public transport is allowed when operating these buses and they can provide vital links in areas where public transport is less likely to be readily available.

If you are interested in further details of how to set up a community bus service you can contact the Passenger Transport Group by email As well as community transport, information on all Surrey bus services is available from the bus timetables webpage. You will also find information on bus services to hospitals in Surrey and details on low floor accessible buses available.

Below you will find further information on the schemes on offer in Surrey, including case studies from volunteers and users of Community Transport.

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