Useful transport links for people with disabilities

Access to work, part of Jobcentre Plus provides advice and practical support to disabled people and their employers to help overcome work related obstacles resulting from disability, including travel to and from the workplace.

Motability is a national UK charity which helps disabled people and their families to become mobile. It was set up on the initiative of the Government in 1977 to provide cars and powered wheelchairs to disabled people.

Queen Elizabeth Foundation Mobility Centre offers training and advice for those with disabilities who drive or wish to continue to drive and remain independently mobile.

Surrey Information Point has links to websites with useful information for people with disabilities on getting around including finding out about adapting your car or using local accessible transport services.

Transport for London's (TfL)- Transport accessibility - has a guide to getting around London and describes the accessibility features on public transport in the London area. It also has a guide for people with learning difficulties.

Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC), which advises the Government on the transport needs of all disabled people. Its website has useful transport links for people with disabilities.

Direct Enquiries- The Nationwide Access Register - offers accessibility information about a wide range of public places, including

  • shops;
  • businesses;
  • hotels;
  • banks;
  • historic places; and
  • stately homes etc.

National Rail can make special arrangements for disabled or mobility-impaired passengers.

Disabled and Reduced Mobility Airport Guide has guidance for people with a disability when travelling through unfamiliar environments such as an airport. It includes information for those travelling with visual impairments, breathing problems, flying with guide dogs, travelling with autism, wheelchair access, and needing help at the car park.