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Forthcoming bus timetable changes

Both Surrey County Council and bus operators pledge to limit the number of times services change. However, there may be times when last minute changes to services will occur. These changes could be a consequence of unforeseen circumstances, customer requirements or the need to address operational issues.

The very latest bus timetable changes are listed below.

New timetables are added to this section as soon as they are available.

1 September 2018

73 (Buses Excetera) - Transferred to Falcon Buses

100 (Metrobus) - Evening and night service increased in frequency. Rerouted to serve Crawley Business Quarter

166 (Arriva London) - Revised timetable

231/233 (Metrobus) - Service 231 now starts at Royal Victoria Place, Tunbridge Wells. Minor timetable revisions

293 (London General) - Transferred to Quality Line. Minor timetable revisions

357/657 (Southdown) - Revised timetable. Journeys no longer operate via Queensway in Redhill. Saturday service introduced between Caterham Station and Redhill / Reigate to replace withdrawal of service 424 from Timperley Gardens area on Saturdays.

400 (Metrobus) - Revised timetable to improve reliability

409 (Southdown) - Minor timetable revision. Saturday service extended to Selsdon.

410 (Southdown) - Minor timetable revision

411 (Southdown) - Saturday service withdrawn and partly replaced by introduction of Saturday 357. Service 409 will operate via The Village, Caterham on Saturdays.

420/820 (Metrobus) - Minor timetable revision to improve reliability

422 (Southdown) - New service operating hourly Mon – Sat between Reigate, Meadvale, Woodhatch, Dovers Green, Westvale Park, Horley, Gatwick Airport and Crawley. In conjunction with service 424, gives two buses per hour from Westvale Park to Horley town centre.

424 (Southdown) - Revised route operating Mon – Sat hourly Redhill, Earlswood, East Surrey Hospital, Meadvale, Woodhatch, Dovers Green, Westvale Park, Horley, Smallfield, Copthorne and Crawley. Passengers from Timperley Gardens area of Redhill can use enhanced service 357 operating Mon – Sat. Woodhatch areas will be covered by new service 422. Will no longer serve Whitebushes.

434 (London General) - Minor timetable revisions

437 (Arriva) - Transferred to White Bus Services

446 (White Bus) - Timing adjustment to one morning journey and withdrawal of journeys at 21:40 from Woking and 22:30 from Staines, on Mondays – Saturdays.

460/480 (Metrobus) - Timetable revision. No change to general level of service.

462/463 (Arriva) - Transferred to White Bus Services with more journeys diverted to serve Ripley

500 (Dicksons Travel) - Transferred to White Bus Services. Revised morning timetable for students at Kings International College. Some journeys will serve Lightwater Road and Briar Avenue in Lightwater. Peak hour times to Sunningdale Station revised.

594/595 (Southdown) - Minor timetable revisions. Route in Limpsfield Chart now operates from Kent Hatch Road, Moorhouse Road, Tally Road, Ridlands Rise, Stoneleigh Road, Moorhouse Road to Kent Hatch Road in a one way loop.

2 September 2018

3/3A (Stagecoach) - Afternoon journey serving Watchetts Drive in Frimley, re-timed due to change of end of day at Kings International College

17/17A (Stagecoach)
- Revised, reduced service between Guildford, Wood Street and Fairlands

18X (Stagecoach) - Revised timings with 0725 journey from Haslemere withdrawn

32 (Buses Excetera) - Sunday service transferred to Stagecoach

403 (Stagecoach) -Adjusted route and timetable

406 (Stagecoach) - Extended to serve Finchampstead & California (Hampshire service)

408 (Stagecoach) - Minor timing adjustments(Hampshire service)

418 (Stagecoach) - Adjusted route and timetable

419 (Stagecoach) - Withdrawn and replaced by revised service 418

420 (Stagecoach) - This afternoon service withdrawn – alternatives available on services 18, 19 & 418

479 (Buses Excetera) - Sunday service transferred to Stagecoach

494 (Stagecoach) - Will serve California, Arborfield and Spencers Wood, instead of Wokingham. (Berkshire Service)

3 September 2018

E5 (Quality Line) - Timetable adjustments required to accommodate Blenheim High Schools change to the school day.19:02 journey from Epsom will operate to Langley Val and The Wells

48 (Dicksons Travel) - Transferred to White Bus Services. Will additionally serve Pirbright Camp

65X (Stagecoach) - Minor timing adjustments

81 (Arriva) - Transferred to White Bus Services. No change to Stagecoach journeys

236/646 (Southdown) - Minor timetable revision. All journeys now renumbered 236

318 (Buses Excetera) -Transferred to Metrobus with minor timetable adjustment

324 (Southdown) - Revised route operating Horley Air Balloon to Horley Row via Vicarage Lane. No longer serving Hookwood – see replacement service 622 serving Hookwood, Mill Lane and Lee Street

408 (Quality Line) - 19:15 Epsom Station to The Wells withdrawn but replaced by amendments to service E5

458 (Hallmark Connections) - Timetable adjustments on Mondays – Fridays. One journey each way diverted via Ambleside Avenue and Cottimore Lane in Walton to provide link to Shepperton for Thamesmead School students.

485 (Southdown) - Revised route in East Grinstead, revised timetable.

609 (Southdown) - Minor timetable revision. Route will operate via Station Road and Lingfield Common Road to replace revised service 694. Withdrawn from Lingfield War Memorial and Saxby lane but revised service 694 provides a replacement.

610 (Southdown) - Minor timetable revision to accommodate Oxted School. PM journey standardised to operate back to Felbridge.

622 (Southdown) - New schooldays only service replacing service 324 in Hookwood and operating Crawley, Hookwood, Westvale Park, Dovers Green, Meadvale, Reigate and St Bede's School, Redhill

694 (Southdown) - Minor timetable revision. Route will operate Lingfield War Memorial via Saxby Lane providing replacement for revised 609. Passengers from Lingfield Common Road can use service 609.

694 (Carlone Buses) - Afternoon journey re-timed

695 (Southdown) - Minor timetable revision to accommodate Oxted School.

866 (Buses Excetera) - Transferred to Metrobus

996 (Richardson Travel) - Extended to start/finish at Northchapel, with revised timings.

997A (Richardson Travel) - Revised timings

6 September 2018

C1 (East Surrey RTP/Chatter Bus) - Afternoon timing adjustments

15 September 2018

461 (Abellio) - Transferred to Falcon Buses with two extra journeys on Mondays - Fridays

23 September 2018

1 or 2 (Stagecoach) - University Term Times Only

1 or 2 (Stagecoach) - University Vacation Times Only

Revised timetable introduced for university term periods (only) including extra journeys from Stag Hill campus to Manor Park area

24 September 2018

RH1/RH2/RH3 (Hallmark Connections) - Revised services for Royal Holloway College including the link from Egham Station

29 September 2018

404 (Quality Line) - Revised timetable

27 October 2018

403 (Arriva London South) - Transferred to London General