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Walton Bridge links cycle path

What is being built?

A cycle path, mostly on each side of the road, that links into the new cycle paths on Walton Bridge. The cycle path will be mostly separate from the main road. North of the Thames, the cycle path will run along Walton Bridge Road and Gaston Bridge Road, to join the existing cycle lanes on the Upper Halliford Bypass. South of the Thames, the cycle path will run along Hepworth Way, through Walton town centre and along Terrace Road join to the Leisure Centre cycle path at Waterside Drive.

What will it look like?

The cycle path will be created by widening the pavement; in some places the widening will be at the back of the pavement and sometimes the kerb will be moved to narrow the road. A new, smooth surface will be laid across the whole width of the path. The outside of the path, nearest the road, will be designated for people riding cycles and the inside will be for people walking. The two sides will be divided using studs.

At some points, such as on the approach to bus stops and in Walton town centre, the studs will be discontinued to allow people walking and cycling to pass each other more easily. Blue signs on bollards will be installed at various points along the route, so people joining it know it is for both pedestrians and cyclists. At side roads, 'road tables' will be installed to improve crossing safety for people walking and cycling.

There will also be new or improved crossings of the main roads:

  • A toucan signal crossing on the south side of Walton Bridge, across Walton Bridge Road. This will provide a safe crossing for both pedestrians and cyclists. The effect on traffic queues will be minimal because the pedestrian and cyclist crossing movement will take place at the same time as traffic passes through other parts of the junction.
  • A new pedestrian crossing will also go in across Oatlands Drive at the same junction. Again the effect on traffic queues will be minimal because the pedestrian crossing movement will take place at the same time as traffic passes through other parts of the junction.
  • A new pedestrian refuge will go in between Waitrose and the Library in Walton town centre.
  • The pedestrian lights at the Walton town centre crossroads will become toucan signal crossings so people can cycle across as well as walk across.
  • A new zebra crossing will go in outside Grovelands School.

Detailed drawings of the scheme can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

A substantial re-design of the area along the Terrace Road parade of shops between The Grove and Cottimore Lane has also been drawn up. This section will be completed nearer the end of the scheme subject to additional funding being secured. This will result in the service road on the south side being removed and the main road will be repositioned to allow room for wider pavements incorporating a cycle path on both sides of the road. The parking will be re-arranged to provide parking bays alongside the main road (including some on the north side of the road). This will result in more parking spaces. The plan also includes improvements similar to Walton town centre – new paving, benches and planting. Final drawings for this section will be posted on this website once the funding has been confirmed. It is also hoped that funding will be secured for a toucan signal crossing near Gaston Bridge - again final drawings for this section will be posted on this website once the funding has been confirmed.

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Why is it being built?

There are three reasons why the cycle path is being built:

  • There is a high number of injuries to cyclists along this length of road and the cycle path will help to reduce the number.
  • Many people who would like to cycle for local journeys to the shops, school or to visit friends, are put off by the thought of cycling along main roads with lots of traffic. The cycle paths will make more journeys possible.
  • The new cycle paths across Walton Bridge are very useful but at the moment they finish where the bridge ends. The cycle path will fix that.

To get to this point, funding was secured through a bidding competition to central government, local councillors have approved the scheme and there has been public consultation on the initial design. The report seeking council Cabinet Member approval to the bid (containing the original bid document) can be found via the following link:

  • Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment Decisions: (see item 5)

For the local committee reports, please follow these links:

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When is it being built?

This scheme consists of 4 phases:

  • Phase 1 – Marshall Roundabout to Walton Bridge – due to be completed by the end of November 2014
  • Phase 2 - Gaston Bridge Road to North of Marshalls Roundabout – due to be completed by the end of November 2014
  • Phase 3 – Oatlands Drive to High Street – January 2015 to Srping 2015
  • Phase 4 – High Street to Waterside Road Roundabout - preparation works to begin at the start of December 2014

The works on the first two phases of the Walton Bridge Links Cycle safety scheme have been progressing very well over the last few months. These two phases are now drawing to a close and should be completed by the end of November 2014, which is earlier than anticipated. Given this, we are now proposing to start preparation works for Phase 4 in December. The works involved in this area would be the widening of the southern footpath on Terrace Road from Waterside Drive to Tithe Close. Carrying out these preparation works for phase 4 in December would mean reducing the amount of work for phase 4 in 2015 and potentially reducing the overall programme duration. We still intend to install a zebra crossing outside Groveland's School, however the full construction of this will not take place until the New Year.

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How will the construction work affect me?

In order to carry out these works safely, it will be necessary to use barriers and cones in the carriageway adjacent to the operatives while they are working, this is to ensure their safety during these works as well as the safety of pedestrians. Traffic flow during these works in December should not be affected. However parking will be restricted during the working hours please avoid parking in the restricted areas as this may prevent work being carried out and will lead to further delays and disruption.

Care will be taken to maintain access for pedestrians as far as possible. However, pedestrians may be asked to use different routes or footways while the works are taking place, and we will do our best to help with this.

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What consultation was there on the proposals?

A 30 day public consultation exercise was undertaken from 9 July to 19 August 2013. This included the following:

  • a website showing the proposals with an electronic feedback form.
  • a two day exhibition on Friday 26 July and Saturday 27 July 2013 at Walton Library and a one day exhibition on Saturday 3 August at Shepperton Library. This included exhibition boards describing the scheme design and a feedback form. Officers were in attendance to answer questions on the proposals.
  • leaflets delivered to addresses along the route and along neighbouring roads to advise of the consultation, the exhibition and website.
  • local advertising to highlight the consultation, the exhibition and the website.

The following stakeholder groups were also contacted separately to explain the proposals and seek their comments and views.

  • Walton Business Group
  • Elmbridge Cycle Forum
  • Local Schools
  • Weybridge Society
  • Excel Leisure Centre
  • Shepperton Residents Association
  • Surrey Police Road Safety and Traffic Management Team

The report of the consultation can be downloaded from the bottom of this webpage.

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What should I do if I have further questions?

Please phone Surrey County Council Highways Department on 0300 200 1003.