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Outline timetable for Walton Bridge

The main construction works commenced on 9 January 2012 and was completed on 24 October 2014.

Since the start of construction the following works have taken place to complete the project:

  • Construction of the foundations including the four ground anchors for the new bridge arches.
  • Temporary realignment of Walton Lane embankment.
  • Construction of temporary embankment to Walton Marina.
  • Completion of the diversion of all Utility Company services.
  • Construction of the new Cowey Sale viaduct.
  • Construction of the new bridge over the River Thames.
  • Construction of the new A244 ramps on both approaches to the new structures.
  • Construction of the new Walton Lane junction with the A244 including raising the road to meet the new road level across the new structures.
  • Demolition of the two redundant bridges.
  • Construction of the ecological pond.
  • Construction of the road tables in Walton Lane (Walton).
  • Construction of the road table in Walton Lane (Shepperton).
  • Construction of three accommodation bridges in the Cowey Sale.
  • Construction of the new fisherman's platform along the east bank of the river.
  • Construction of the new section of the Thames Path passing under Walton Bridge.
  • Renovation of the brick built Cowey Sale viaduct.
  • Construction of the new café and toilet building adjacent to the Cowey Sale car park.
  • Construction of the footways/cycleways and bridleways around the Cowey Sale and associated landscaping works.
  • Completion of the road surfacing works to the Cowey Sale car park and to Walton Lane (Walton).
  • Completion of the new disabled parking bays under the new bridge and the Walton Marina access road.
  • Installation of new road signs, street lighting and fencing throughout.

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