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Local spending in Tandridge

Your County Councillor has money available to help residents, voluntary and community organisations to provide activities that benefit local people where you live. This funding is known as Members' Community Allocation.

Each Councillor has £5000 of funding for 2019/20. They can fund activities costing just a few pounds or help to fund some that cost much more. The funding is designed to be flexible and can help with a variety of costs ranging from hiring a village hall for a group to meet in, to helping re-build a community hall that may have fallen into disrepair.

The first step is to contact the local councillor for your area to discuss your project and how much money you will need. Once you have your Councillor's support and they have indicated how much they will contribute, they will tell you how to access the online application form.

When your form has been completed and assessed, we will let you know if the funding has been approved. We will then tell you when the funding will be paid to you. You can see the projects that your local County Councillors have previously funded, in the document attached below.

Files available to download