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New Joint Committee established in Runnymede to enhance local decision making and public engagement

Runnymede Joint Committee has been successfully set up following positive votes at the Runnymede Council on 19 April and Surrey County Council on 22 May 2018. The new committee replaces the Local Committee and provides an opportunity for stronger collaboration and partnership working between the County and Borough Councils.

The Joint Committee is made up of equal numbers of County and Borough Council members, who will make decisions together on functions that are delegated from both organisations. As both organisations own the committee, the agendas are set by both and all members have equal voting rights. Issues of local importance which have wider implications for both authorities, such as Family Support, Adult Services, Early Help, Educational Standards, Strategic Infrastructure and the Place agenda will be discussed in one place with joint input. Other topics covered by the committee include town centre regeneration, parking and highways.

One very important aspect of the committee is that it delivers a 'one stop shop' for residents to engage and question both Councils over policies, issues or changes in their local area. Anyone living, working or studying in Runnymede, or using the services of either the County or Borough Council in the area, is welcome to attend the committee meetings, which will be held in various locations around the borough to ensure a high level of engagement. The first 30 minutes of the meetings will be an opportunity for questions to be asked informally, or to help with providing a full response written questions can be submitted up to four days before the meeting by emailing; details are provided on the Runnymede Local Area page.

Mary Angell, chairman of the Joint Committee, said: "I am very pleased that the County has chosen to support establishing this new Joint Committee in Runnymede. Close working between the County and Borough Councils is the key to providing residents with the quality of service they expect and I look forward to building on the work of the previous Local Committee and delivering even better local decisions."

Cllr Peter Waddell, the newly-appointed vice-chairman, stated: "I am looking forward to working closely with Mary and other colleagues from the County; I am also very keen to hear from residents and businesses in Runnymede on the issues that are important to them, and to discuss how we can continue to make Runnymede the best borough in Surrey."

The first meeting of the Runnymede Joint Committee will take place in the evening of Wednesday 18 July at the Runnymede Civic Centre in Addlestone.

  • Updated: 04 Jun 2018