Local funding opportunities

We have a number of funding opportunities available to support your local projects and initiatives. What follows are funding schemes that may help you:

Members' Community Allocation

Do you have an idea or a project that needs funding? Each county councillor has money available for organisations and groups that need funding for projects that promote the social, economic and environmental well-being of the local community. This is available to all who are planning to make a difference locally.

In order to apply or for more information you need to contact your local county councillor and talk about your ideas. Information on what we consider before funding is approved can be found in the Financial Framework for members' community allocation.

You can also see the type of activity which has previously been funded and an indication of the amount of money remaining on the local spending page for your area.

Community Covenant

Does your idea or project improve links or raise understanding of the armed forces community in Surrey?

The Community Covenant grant funds projects that improve links with the Armed Forces community in Surrey. A variety of activities can be funded including for example, camping trips, exhibitions or community facilities like playgrounds where people from the armed forces and the wider community can meet, play or exchange ideas and support.