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Youth Support Service - who we are and what we do

What we do

The Youth Support Service (YSS) sits within Services for Young People and works across the whole of Surrey. It is divided into four areas, which cover the same are as Surrey Children's Services area teams and further subdivided into 11 teams, one in each borough or district. Many of these teams are based in local youth centres to offer accessible local responses and services. YSS staff work with partners including health professionals, schools, colleges, police and voluntary organisations so that support can be tailored to each individual.

The YSS provides an integrated, targeted and preventative approach to delivering:

  • participation in education, training and employment (PETE)
  • prevention of problems that cause barriers to becoming and remaining PETE
  • reduction in offending and anti-social behaviour
  • support for homeless young people

The service uses a case management approach to support vulnerable young people. Once a young person is identified or referred to the Youth Support Service we will work with them to assess need and develop an action plan. This could include a range of one to one or group activities, which, where appropriate, may be supported by specialists in family work, substance misuse, accommodation and mental health (to name just a few).

The key objective is to support young people who:

  • are 16-19 years old and not in education, employment or training
  • are 10-17 years old and are in the youth justice system
  • display a range of risk factors linked to becoming NEET or offending.

Who's in the Youth Support Service?

The Youth Support Service is led by Ben Byrne, who is responsible for ensuring all young people who are NEET move to participating in education, training or employment, and for preventing young people's involvement in offending. This work includes providing services to victims of youth crime and to communities affected by youth offending and anti-social behaviour.

The service is a multi-agency partnership between Surrey County Council, Surrey Police, Surrey and Sussex Probation Trust, NHS Surrey and Catch 22. Many of the staff team were previously employed by Surrey Connexions, Surrey Youth Justice Service and Surrey Youth Development Service.

To get a better idea of the kind of work the Youth Support Services do every day, read an account from one of our youth support officers.

For further information or enquiries regarding Youth Support Service contact 01372 363655.