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Help and advice for young people

Supporting young people

Some young people find it difficult to stay in education, training or employment or they may take part in anti-social behaviour, offend or find themselves without anywhere to live. Our Youth Support Service (YSS) is here to help on a case-by-case basis.

Young people engaging in anti-social behaviour or offending

We also work to prevent young people entering the youth justice system through a wide range of prevention activities.


Although parents are expected to provide a home for their children until they reach 18, this isn't always possible. The Youth Support Service can help in these situations.

The Family Support Programme

The Family Support Programme helps families whose children or young people have school exclusion or attendance problems, show antisocial behaviour or have offended, as well as working age adults or young people with similar issues, who don't have access to training, voluntary work or employment.

A team of experts works with the whole family, to help them use their strengths to improve their lives.