Your Fund Surrey frequently asked questions

Are there any guidance documents available to help complete the application process?

Please take a look at the Ideas Submission Guidance Document (PDF) and the Full Submission Guidance Document (PDF) which will help you getting prepared for submitting your application. The following Supporting documents will need to be completed as part of you Full Submission application.

How much can I bid for?

The minimum bid is £10,000 but there is no upper limit.

I only need a few hundred pounds, can I apply?

The minimum amount of funding an organisation can apply for is £10,000. See information about many other, smaller funds and charity grants.

I don't know how much my project might cost, does that matter?

When pinning your idea on the Your Fund Surrey map on Commonplace, you don't need to know the specific amount your project might cost or how much funding you would be interested in. You will be asked for an indication of which range it might fit into, but this is not a commitment or something you are tied into.

Is there any help available in developing a business case?

We want you to have ownership of your project, however there is support and guidance available:

  • We recommend sharing your idea within your local community to see what different skills and expertise people have and if there is anyone that can support or contribute to your project.
  • You could also contact your local County Councillor to get their advice or feedback on your idea.
  • Social Value Market Place - Browse specific, one-time requests for help from charities across Surrey. Find an opportunity to donate your time, space or resources.
  • Goodsted - Allows you to browse local community initiatives which need your help. Join their team to work collaboratively to help make good things happen.
  • Finally, you can contact the Your Fund Surrey Team who will be able to provide advice and guidance around developing your project idea, via

I think I have a great idea, but I'm not confident it can be done – who should I speak to?

If you have an idea that you think could become a project to improve your local area you can speak to your local County Councillor who will be able to give you feedback on your idea and point you in the right direction of support and guidance to help develop it.

I don't have a big project idea but I really want to get involved and help – how can I do this?

You should look on the Your Fund Surrey Commonplace map to see the ideas that have been put forward and are being developed in your area, and how you might be able to get involved.

Can you use this money to fill potholes please?

This money has been ring fenced by Surrey County Council for creating innovative capital investments. Filling potholes is a statutory requirement for the council, and is funded through the annual revenue budget. We allocated around £4.43m a year to fix more than 50,000 potholes and other road defects. You can report a pothole or damaged road online

How can the council afford to spend £100m?

This is part of Surrey County Council's Medium-Term Financial Strategy, announced in 2020/21, with a fully costed capital programme of well over £1bn over five years.

The £100m Your Fund Surrey allocation is designed to help empower communities to deliver big, place-changing projects that local areas need and will improve opportunities and quality of life for residents. This is particularly important as communities recover from the impact of COVID-19 over the coming years.

My idea is going to have ongoing running costs – can this still be delivered through Your Fund Surrey?

The fund is for capital funding. Revenue funding costs, such as running and maintenance of your project cannot be covered by this fund.

As part of your project idea you could think about how any ongoing costs associated could be covered – is there something you could introduce that would generate revenue like a café for example? Or if it's part of an existing organisation or building (like a school or charity), would any additional running costs be able to be met through existing budgets?

Why can't we get money for running costs?

This fund is for capital funding only. Capital funding is money to purchase or improve a building, equipment, infrastructure or software. Running costs unfortunately don't fit into this category however other funds are available that could provide this.

Why should projects generate some form of income/cash flow?

The council wants to ensure that the projects we fund have a long-term impact on the communities they serve; as such, we ask that projects try to incorporate a means to generate revenue. The purpose of this revenue is to cover on-going maintenance costs, repairs and any future running costs, which cannot be funded by Your Fund Surrey as a capital-only fund. These monies are for reinvestment in the project and will not benefit either Surrey County Council or your local district or borough council.

Are there lots of forms to fill out?

Our aim is to keep the application process as simple as we can. The Your Fund Surrey Map only requires you to fill out a few simple overview questions. You will be asked to fill out a formal initial idea submission, this will provide slightly more detail about you and your idea. If we think your idea has potential, we will invite you to provide some greater detail around how you might manage and look after your project

All the assessment and monitoring in the background will be done by our specialist project team.

Guidance documents on how to complete these forms will be made available.

Can anyone submit an Ideas Submission on the online portal or do I need to be invited from Commonplace?

Anyone can submit an Ideas Submission application form on the online portal. You will be asked to provide your Commonplace URL (this can be found through going to your pin on commonplace and copying the web address) to show you have used the site.

How should I show the local support for my project?

Place your idea on the Your Fund Surrey Commonplace map (live on 16 November) where people can agree with your idea or submit another comment/pin with an alternative suggestion.
We also encourage you to use your own networks and social media to share your idea with a wider audience. We will help promote any Your Fund Surrey content on the Council's social media channels that can reach hundreds of thousands of people, if you use the hashtags #YourFundSurrey or #MakeItHappen

What do you mean by communities?

That's not up to us to define, but it can be thought of as the local area you identify with – your town, your village, your road – or those support networks or groups you feel you belong to, such as charities, community organisations, even your book group or local football team.

Do we need to look for other funding that sits alongside your funding?

It's not compulsory to look for other funding as part of your project or required for a bid to be successful. As outlined above, Your Fund Surrey cannot support revenue costs, however if you feel it would strengthen your project or help it to be delivered, we would encourage and support bidders to explore other pots of funding that could compliment this Fund. Details of other funds are available that could sit alongside Your Fund Surrey funding.

I am a member of a faith group, can I apply?

Yes, however your proposed idea would need to have a wider, secular positive community impact.

I am a business, can I apply?

Yes, however, we will assess each proposal as they come in and it will have to comply with legislation around State Aid. This will be established during full application stage, although the Your Fund Surrey team can advise

You will be asked in the full application form to provide details of any grant funding your organisation has received over the last 3 years (including the amount of funding, reason for the funding and where you obtained said funding). We will then use this information to ensure no State Aid legislation is breached if you were to be awarded funding from Your Fund Surrey.

What happens if my bid is unsuccessful?

Feedback will be provided to all applicants. Based on this feedback and wider consultation you would be able to reapply.

How do I remove or edit my idea?

Commonplace can edit/remove your entry on your behalf. Please contact them at and they will arrange this for you.

Please could you provide them with your:

  • Name
  • Email address the entry was submitted from
  • Project URL:
  • And what you would like your comments changed to.

Is there a deadline to submit my ideas to Commonplace?

There isn't a deadline. We want to give everyone the opportunity to develop their ideas in whatever time they need to. We know for some they will already have well developed ideas but for others they may only be at the start of the process of developing their ideas. That's why this first stage is an ideas development stage. We encourage you to think up an idea and then work with others in your community to build it into a project that will really benefit your community - even if you are not sure that this will be the idea you end up taking through to the ideas submission stage. When the funding stage is open, funds will be looked at on a rolling basis and so there is no need to rush a project.

When will the next phase of the process open?

The first stage is to submit your idea onto the Your Fund Surrey (YFS) Map. Then you can progress to the next phase of the process which is to formally submit your Ideas Submission through the portal. The portal is now open.

Do I have to use the Your fund Surrey map and will we be able to show community support in ways other than via the Your Fund Surrey map?

We ask that all applicants, no matter how much other evidence of support they may have, also utilise the Commonplace tool as a way to demonstrate community engagement as this provides a level platform for all applicants. We recommend guiding members of your communities to your Commonplace project pin to pledge their support when carrying out other forms of engagement (e.g., link to Commonplace at the end of a survey).

However, you will also be able to demonstrate wider community support through other evidence as well. During the Ideas Submission stage, there will be the space to provide an overview of evidence of any community support received beyond that which is shown on the Your Fund Surrey Map. If you are invited to a full submission, you will be asked to upload any of the evidence you have, such as survey results, letters of support or links to your social media pages/website.

Can I upload supporting documents to Commonplace?

No. Commonplace is an opportunity for you to socialise ideas and gain community support for your project. At this stage, you do not need to upload supporting documents, as these will not be required until the Full Submission of the application form.

Contact us if you have further questions

You can email the Your Fund Surrey Support team at this address