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Could you be a Volunteer Host?

Published: 28 February 2019

Helping young people see a brighter future

Family dynamics can have their ups and downs at the best of times and life isn't always easy when you are a teenager or young adult. But for some young people, events can spiral into a situation that makes living at home impossible. That's where Surrey's Volunteer Host Service comes in. They provide short term emergency accommodation to young people aged 16 – 21 who are at risk of being made homeless.

The service relies on volunteers who can offer a spare room to the young person for one to three nights, whilst efforts are made to try and resolve their accommodation difficulties. Jonathan and Sally have been Volunteer Hosts since the summer of 2018. They talk to Surrey Matters about their experience.

"Sally and I became Volunteer Hosts for Surrey County Council in mid-2018 and have found the experience profoundly positive.

The young people who have stayed with us have all been very different and have specific needs, which we were able to help with in a small way. We strive to provide a warm welcome, supportive atmosphere and comfortable lodging where a young person, who is often shaped by their difficult experiences, can relax and gain strength from a short stay with us. We know we cannot solve many of their problems but we can help them redirect their lives towards a more successful future.

We have kept in touch with nearly all our young guests and find it immensely satisfying to see them forming their futures with the help of Surrey County Council's. It's a very rewarding thing to do and we are privileged in Surrey to have such a dedicated team within the county's Volunteer Host Service who really care about young people's lives."

If like Jonathan and Sally you could provide a welcoming and safe environment to a young person, why not become a Volunteer Host? For more information visit the our volunteer host website or telephone 01483 518445 or email

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